White paper: Measuring what matters

White paper: Measuring what matters

Measurement has become an increasingly important part of marketing—but it isn’t easy to get right. And as marketing continues to evolve, the challenge just gets harder.  

Our new white paper with Analytic Partners recommends extending the scope of standard Marketing Mix Modeling to look at a broader range of inputs and relationships. Analytic Partners’ methodology looks at paid, owned and earned media across channels. It also evaluates media synergies, teasing apart direct and indirect sales impact. These add-ons to standard measurement help brands get a clearer read on performance and improve their investments.

In the paper, you’ll find an overview of measurement challenges and opportunities, methodology recommendations and media strategy best practices. A case study brings the recommendations to life—and shows how Analytic Partners helped a packaged foods company learn the full value of their Pinterest marketing. For example, the analysis showed that Pinterest had a significant indirect impact on search and website activity, on top of its direct impact on sales.

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- Casey Lin, currently saving ideas for House Design