What Pinners want in 2016

What Pinners want in 2016

People use Pinterest to look for new ideas to try in the future. We shared some of the year’s biggest trends at CES, and we wanted to share what else we know.

Get ahead of the curve and take advantage of some of the trends gaining ground this year:

Healthy habits

For Pinners, off-the-beaten-path food and fitness ideas are right up their alley.

  • Jiu jitsu, +49%: This martial art is helping Pinners get in fighting form
  • Coconut oil, +43%: This oil’s in everything from face wash to fudge
  • Zucchini, +22%: With zucchini “noodles” and baked boats, this veg isn’t squashed yet

Dressed-down looks

Goodbye, glam! Pinners want casual looks they can throw on that don’t look thrown together.

  • Blanket scarves, +55%: Tied, belted or draped, these cozy wraps are versatile must-haves
  • Pocket squares, +32%: Men want quick, sharp accessories
  • Athleisure, +47%: Easy workout wardrobes are being sported everywhere, not just the gym

Hands-on projects

This year’s all about helping people take matters into their own hands.

  • DIY photo prints, +56%: Pinners are transferring photos onto wood
  • Brunch at home, +48%: Skipping the brunch rush and cooking at home goes over easy
  • STEM projects, +35%: Parents are going full STEM ahead with educational activities for kids

“Me” time

People are finding fresh ways to get some peace of mind.

  • Coloring for grown-ups, +53%: Adults are unwinding with this childhood pastime
  • Capsule closets, +47%: Minimal, streamlined wardrobes help clear some headspace
  • Flying solo, +32%: For travelers looking for self discovery, solo trips are taking off

The best ideas on Pinterest come from businesses, so make sure to share your take on these trends. Learn more at business.pinterest.com.

-Emma, currently saving ideas to​ A Weekend in Boston