What Pinners are doing on Black Friday

What Pinners are doing on Black Friday

Pinners are getting ready for two of the biggest shopping days of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Two million people have saved Pins about Black Friday and Cyber Monday so far. There was even a 140% increase in Pins about the two days in the past year, which is no surprise since holiday Pinning starts early on Pinterest—up to 4 months in advance of Christmas. 71% of these Pins are related to fashion, home decor, quotes and other products.

Here’s what we know heading into the shopping season:

Pinners will shop more on Black Friday than the average online user. Not only will Pinners shop more on Black Friday, they’ll also spend more than non-Pinners: 4x more on toys and games, 3x more on housewares and 3x more on clothing and accessories. That’s all from a November 2015 Civic Science survey.

Pinners will shop across more types of stores, including small businesses. People on Pinterest are twice as certain they’ll shop for the holidays compared to non-Pinners, and because of that, they’re confident they’ll be shopping at more stores. While Pinners will likely spend holiday dollars at Walmart and Target, according to the Civic Science survey, they’re 50% more likely to spend the most money at specialty stores and other local businesses.

Some Pinners love to treat themselves. 32% of Pinners plan to shop just for themselves this Black Friday, according to a Competitive Futures report. Nothing wrong with that.

Pinners love shopping, period. Pinners are twice as likely to go on a clothing shopping spree compared to the general public. (No, we didn’t survey them about any credit card debt!) After evaluating a list of 30 different retailers, Pinners in our survey also said they significantly loved shopping more at nearly all of the listed businesses compared to non-Pinners.

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—Liz Xiao, currently saving ideas to​ do you surfer girl