What does Dad really want this Father’s Day?

father's day with dad and kids

Dad’s big day is coming up, and this year 15 million people on Pinterest are looking for fresh gift ideas beyond the usual neckties and toolboxes. They’ve been brainstorming ideas for Dad since April, running 11.6 million Father’s Day searches and saving 45 million Pins!

So what’s in the works for Dad this year? Here’s what people are saving:

  • All things superhero, from art to “super dad” themed gifts. (So far, Captain America and Superman are ranking as everyone’s favorite heroes—along with Dad, of course!)
  • Gifts that celebrate memories, like daddy/daughter photos and footprint crafts.
  • Outdoorsy offerings, from backyard fire pits and grills to tractors and fishing gear.
  • Ideas for a sparklier set of wheels: Pins about auto detailing, car cleaning, deep cleaning and related car-care hacks have soared in popularity this year.

These are all great ideas, but we couldn’t help but wonder: What does Dad really want this year? After a little data detective work, our research team turned up a few surprises about the dads who use Pinterest. Here’s what we learned:

  • They dig good design: Compared to non-dads on Pinterest, they're more likely to search for tattoos, art, photography and quotes. These tastes translate to personal aesthetics, as well—dads are more likely to search for hairstyles and men’s fashion.
  • They’ve got big plans for their dad pads: Dads on Pinterest have been saving cool home ideas featuring lots of wood and vintage finishings—like this vintage wood table, one of their top Pins.
  • They love art with a rougher edge: Who knew our dads had such great taste? Some of their favorite Pins include this upcycled vintage lamp and vintage art.

You can make the most of these insights by helping Pinners translate their love for Dad into gifts he'd actually love. Steer the conversation from wrenches to wrench sculptures (one of Dad’s top Pins), and you’ll be a hero to everyone—even without the cape.

For even more Father's Day inspiration, check out these gift ideas.

—Stephanie Kumar, currently saving ideas to Mode I Bright