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We’ve already seen great results with initial partners like Ulta Beauty, Venus, Overstock, Lowe’s, eBay, Wayfair and IKEA Canada. “Pinterest has proven to be a great match for Ulta Beauty, offering a platform for guest education, exploration and fun that is very similar to the experiential nature of our stores,” said Prama Bhatt, Senior Vice President of Digital and eCommerce at Ulta Beauty.  

New visual formats

When people shop in-store, displays guide them to the right decision. Pinterest recreates that experience online through visual discovery features. Visual technology powers everything on Pinterest, from content recommendations to ad targeting.

We’re currently testing new ad designs that give Pinners even more visual shopping cues. For example, the design above would help Pinners see a product from multiple angles. Another test unit pulls a mix of product shots and lifestyle imagery so people see how products could fit into their lives.

Today we’re also expanding Shop the Look to France, Germany, Japan and the UK. Shop the Look adds product tags within fashion and home decor Pins so people can shop directly from the image. When something catches their eye, they can easily transition from browsing to buying.

Strong performance, at scale

Over the past year, we’ve seen strong results from our Shopping Ads test partners. IKEA Canada successfully scaled their Pinterest advertising with a 25% lower overall cost per order.2 Lowe’s also saw outstanding metrics: their return on ad spend was 76% better than their initial goal.3

Ulta Beauty was very pleased with their results. “Very early on in our partnership, we were able to efficiently scale our entire product portfolio onto Pinterest and capitalize on the visual nature of both their platform and our products and services,” said Bhatt from Ulta Beauty. “Through non-branded search we’ve been successful in enabling Ulta Beauty to connect with beauty enthusiasts earlier in the consideration phase which has led to increased awareness and purchase.”

These success stories make us even more excited about the future of shopping on Pinterest. In our measurement studies, we’ve consistently driven larger basket sizes, new customer acquisition and faster conversions for our retail partners. Shopping Ads are the next building block to help businesses reach the right people, at the right moment.


–Shounak Simlai, currently saving ideas to Visible Mending

More success stories from our Shopping Ads partners

  • Venus Fashion: “We see Pinterest as both a source of inspiration for future buying decisions as well as a shopping trigger. Search and Shopping are processes and not single points in time, so we’re adjusting our marketing strategy to account for that. It’s critical that we continuously balance the need to be an inspirational style guide to women, while making sure our brand is the first thing they see when their shopping intent is the strongest.”–Donn Durante, Director of Digital Experience, VENUS Fashion

  • Overstock: "Pinterest Shopping Ads drive strong, incremental ROAS and have helped us massively scale our Pinterest strategy. Shopping Ads gave us a quick way to get millions of our products in front of people while they're shopping for their dream homes. They're also very efficient, with low costs per click and strong clickthrough rates. We're very excited about the innovative future of Shopping Ads on Pinterest and what they will do for our business."–JP Knab, SVP Marketing, Overstock

  • IKEA Canada: “With Pinterest Shopping Ads, we can now connect with people who show a higher degree of intent and display more relevant solutions based on that person’s search. Shopping Ads not only enabled us to scale our activity on Pinterest, they also drove a 25% lower overall cost per order.”–IKEA Canada

  • eBay: “At eBay, we’re focused on being present and relevant to customers wherever they start their shopping journey. As an early adopter of Pinterest’s ad products, we’ve been able to effectively reach both current and potential customers at all stages of their purchase process, especially at the moment when inspiration strikes.”–Sadie Daryan, Senior Manager of Global Social Performance Marketing, eBay   

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