Wedding planning gets personal on Pinterest

40m brides use Pinterest to plan

Love is in the air–and not just because it’s Valentine’s Day. January through March are the busiest months for wedding planning as newly engaged couples start to plan. But instead of following the status quo, today’s brides try to make a statement. They want every detail to convey their personality and taste, from what they wear to the party’s stemware.

This focus on individuality means there’s lots to do before “I do.” Every year, 40 million people turn to Pinterest for guidance across the wedding planning journey.1 They start using Pinterest earlier than other wedding sites, when they’re still in discovery mode and looking for ideas that spark their interest.2 Over time they move into decision-making mode and use their favorite Pins to bring their vision to life.  

A recent study with research firm DeepFocus showed that Pinners are more involved wedding planners than non-Pinners.3 They put more thought into the components that make up their wedding’s character, like attire, color palette and decor4 They also search for more types of information than non-Pinners. In all, Pinners save nearly 900 million Pins about weddings and conduct 378 million wedding-related searches every single year. They’re more frequent planners too: 27% of Pinners plan for their wedding several times a day, compared to 18% of non-Pinners.5

What’s the first thing Pinners think about? Their dress, of course. That makes Pinterest a crucial marketing tool for David’s Bridal, who uses Pinterest to reach people early when they’re seeking inspiration and open to new brands. David’s Bridal does much more than help brides say yes to a dress: their products span everything from shoes to stationary. To show this breadth and build awareness with detail-oriented brides, the team created the “Be Your Own Bride” quiz. The quiz integrates David’s Bridal content with Pinterest’s API so people can dream up their perfect wedding. David’s Bridal will be using Promoted Pins to surface the quiz on Pinterest, and also linked to the quiz from its own website.

Quiz questions cover a range of wedding topics, from color preferences to dress styles. The answers populate a custom board with Pins for personalized invitations, wedding themes and more. The “Be Your Own Bride” quiz links to a broader campaign that encourages women to put a personal spin on their weddings.

Now’s the time to make Pinners fall head over heels for your ideas. For inspiration, take a peek at what’s currently trending on Pinterest: maroonpink and gold color palettes, along with touches of whimsical romance like tulle gowns and strung white lights. Custom content is just one option; you could also curate boards to help people navigate their style, like Zola’s tastemaker registries. And when you market on Pinterest, you’re reaching and building loyalty with future planners, too: 81% of engaged Pinners say they started planning on Pinterest before they were even engaged!  

–Raashi Rosenberger, currently saving to beauty

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