Upgrade your advertising experience with new and improved tools

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You asked, we listened

We’re always updating features at Pinterest to create a better experience for our advertisers. Over the past year, we’ve used your feedback to redesign our ad tools so businesses on Pinterest can define and size audiences, create ads and pull reports with ease. We’re also releasing updated how-to articles for businesses in our Help Center to help you utilize all the ways to connect with people on Pinterest.

How these changes add up to make marketing on Pinterest more effective

Streamline your campaign creation process

  • Launch ads on your own schedule with our new “pause campaign” feature, which allows you to review your Pins before going live.

  • Streamline the ad creation process by selecting multiple Pins to promote at once and identifying your Pins easily with our new search bar and boards filter.

  • Create new Pins within Ads Manager and access everything you need to build a great campaign in one place.

  • Test and optimize your ads as you duplicate top performing campaigns and ad groups to test and scale.

Reach the right people with these new features

  • Manage where people see your ads with placement options for separate browse and search strategies at the ad group level.

  • Build robust targeting audiences with guidance from audience sizing and the Audience Insights tool.

  • Get your brand in front of more people who are looking for what to try and buy next by leveraging our updated interests.

Track your success on Pinterest

  • Monitor your ad performance and make in-line optimizations to multiple rows at once using the revamped reporting dashboard.

  • Identify and promote your top performing organic Pins using insights from Analytics

  • Measure your influence on Pinterest by tracking the monthly viewers number on your profile.


Resolution Media has partnered closely with Pinterest over the past year to provide feedback on our Ads Manager roadmap– this feedback has been reflected in some of these recent updates.

Amy Darwish
US Director of Media Operations, Resolution Media
“Our team has found the ability to duplicate campaigns and select multiple Pins at once to be a huge time saver. We also have greater controls over how frequently our ads are delivered through frequency targets, which is crucial for our clients, and we’re eager to see the next round of innovation.”
Nisho Cherison
Senior Director of Growth, ThirdLove
“Pinterest provides tools that make it easy to test and learn using a variety of targets, audiences and objectives to optimize our campaign strategy. Ads Manager allows us to easily and quickly duplicate campaigns and adjust budgets and bids to maximize performance. In doing so, we have been able to lower our Cost Per Checkouts by 61% YoY.”

Get down to business

These features are available to everyone in English speaking markets with a Pinterest Business profile. Get started on a new campaign or duplicate one of your greatest hits today. Visit our Ads Manager guide for more information. 

–Nidhi Sapra, saving to Homemade and Handmade