Unlimited secret boards help you plan on Pinterest

secret boards

During the holidays, we gave everyone a few more secret boards so people had a place to plan their gift lists and holiday surprises. Since then, we’ve heard all sorts of interesting ways Pinners and businesses are using secret boards, so we’ve decided to give you an unlimited number of them!

Secret boards are perfect for planning something you’re not quite ready to reveal to your followers. For example, Tory Burch uses them to curate and perfect upcoming boards, and to share inspiration internally.

If you’re thinking about a creative way to tell a story with your Pins—like Caribou Coffee did—try staging them on a secret board first. Or if you’re planning your spring line in the dead of winter, keep get everything on a lined up on a secret board until you’re ready to go.

Unlimited secret boards can help you plan and prepare your Pinterest marketing, so you can put your best foot forward, whenever you’re ready.

—Scott Tong, currently saving ideas to​ [wouldn’t you like to know?]