Tutorials and tips for creating successful Promoted Videos

Tutorials and tips for creating successful Promoted Videos
About Promoted Video

Promoted Video is a new video ad format that gives Pinners a compelling and actionable way to learn more about your ideas, and it comes with new targeting and measurement solutions for you. Promoted Videos with autoplay will instantly start to play the moment people see it, so your video gets more views and Pinners learn more about your brand. You can even place multiple video Pins on one board if you’d like to show more than one element about your brand.

People who watch videos on Pinterest are 1.6x more likely to say branded videos add to their experience. And they’re 2.4x more likely to make a purchase after watching a video (compared to viewing static content on other platforms).

Learn even more about the benefits of using Promoted Video on our business site.

Maximize your reach

With Promoted Video on Pinterest, you can reach people at all stages of planning and increase their chances of taking meaningful action. People can find your Promoted Videos autoplaying in their home feeds, search results, and the Related Pins found at the bottom of every Pin close-up, giving Pinners multiple opportunities to see what you have to offer.  

The key to success is targeting your Promoted Videos to the right audience. Pinterest’s targeting tools make it easy to find the people most interested in your videos, and you can target by keyword, interest, gender, mobile device and more.

Follow these tips to expertly tailor your Promoted Video:

  • Refine your audience by using keywords and specific interests

  • Target by mobile device or operating system

  • Capture more intent by retargeting people who have viewed your video (For best performance, we recommend starting your retargeting campaigns based on video views three weeks after the original autoplay video campaign launches)

  • Try using Bulk editor to create multiple Promoted Video campaigns at once

How to win at Promoted Video production

Now that you’ve got the scoop on what Promoted Videos are and how to get started with strategy, follow these simple tips for creating successful videos.

  • Beautifully branded
    Branded content on Pinterest is credible and actionable. Don’t be afraid to show your logo or product clearly in the video – tastefully, of course.

  • Start strong
    Lead with a clear hook within the first few seconds to capture Pinners’ attention as they are in a planning mindset.

  • Short and sweet
    Keep your video message simple and direct – 10-20 seconds is ideal, but how-to content can run longer.

  • Show, don’t tell
    Pinterest is a visual platform so show your brand’s message through motion instead of relying on audio or dialogue. Use 1:1 or vertical aspect ratio for maximum impact.

  • Follow the rules
    You can find our standard ad policies here

See what others are doing with Promoted Video and get inspiration for creating your own on our featured board: Video Pins

See how your video measures up

It’s easy to see how your Promoted Video is doing. Just go to Ads Manager and select ‘delivery’ view to see the following metrics:

  • Media Rating Council video views (2 seconds of play with at least 50% of the video in view)

  • Video watches to 25%

  • Video watches to 50%

  • Video watches to 75%

  • Video watches to 95%

  • Video watches to 100%

  • Average view time

  • CPV

Using these metrics, you can see how many people viewed your video, how much it cost, how long they stayed engaged and whether or not they took action.

Ready to get started?

If you already have video from your website or social media, it’ is easy to get started. We have the same creative standards as the rest of the industry, so we can get you up and running quickly and easily. There’s a step-by-step guide in our help center that can get you started or contact us at Pinterest Propel.