Turn Pinners into shoppers with product Pins

shoppable pins

We recently introduced a new kind of pin that includes details like pricing, availability and where to buy. Lots of people use Pinterest to discover things to buy, so this extra info helps pinners shop and decide which products are for them.

In just two months, there are already tens of millions of product pins on Pinterest, and we’re still adding new features.

Starting today, we’re sending pinners notifications when products they’ve pinned drop in price.

Product pins can help your business in a few ways


  • Get higher click-through rates than regular pins
  • Make your brand more visible because your logo’s on the pin
  • Are more likely to appear in a category feed, like Men’s Fashion or Gifts
  • Include automatically updated details, like price changes
Get product pins for your business

With back-to-school and holiday shopping seasons right around the corner, now’s a great time for your business to try product pins.

You can get everything you need on our developer site. (We tried to keep it simple, but you might want to ask a developer to help you out!)

If you have any questions about product pins or would rather not show details like price and availability in your pins, check out the Help Center.

We hope you like our new product pins!

— Kevin Knight, currently saving ideas to​ Cool Products