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Facepaint: Halloween is the ideal time to trade your everyday look for something a little more supernatural, and people on Pinterest are looking out of this world. We’re seeing spikes in 2018 searches for everything from minimalist spiderweb-inspired eyeliner (71% year over year) to full on face-as-canvas styles including galaxy/celestial patterns (158% year over year), pumpkin makeup (884% year over year) and leopard print (66% year over year). Looking for a guaranteed hit? Sally (Nightmare Before Christmas)-inspired makeup is up 91% year over year and is the number one searched Halloween-related term this season!

Nail art: Don’t forget the drop-dead details! People are experimenting with frightful fingernail styles including stitch nails (32% year over year) and stiletto nails (51% year over year).


Blockbuster costumes: Film-inspired costumes are always fan favorites for Halloween. This year, the blockbusters getting the most costume interest are I, Tonya (720% year over year), The Incredibles (669% year over year), Black Panther (504% year over year) and Mamma Mia! (1636% year over year).

Group costumes: Folks on Pinterest want to share the Halloween fun with their whole crew—group Halloween costumes have seen 83% year over year growth. Because, #SquadGhouls. Matching best friend costumes like desserts (118% year over year) and ‘80s-tastic wrestling costumes inspired by GLOW (186% year over year) are having a moment this season.

Family costumes: Halloween is a wonderland for wee witches and warlocks—and parents want to add to the magic. They’re searching for family Halloween costume ideas: dinosaurs (803% year over year), Neverland (250% year over year) and avocado toast (245% year over year). And for the little monsters, new parents are staking out looks like boba tea (567% year over year), llama (382% year over year), Boss Baby (241% year over year) and old lady-inspired looks (81% year over year).


Food: Something's brewing in the kitchen. This Halloween, party menus are bound to be stuffed to the brim with finger foods like pumpkin chicken and rice-stuffed peppers (86k saves), jalapeno popper mummies (138k saves) and rotten deviled eggs (66k saves).

Drinks: Pinners are adding spooky fog drinks to their cauldrons (41k saves), and are experimenting with red and rum-based beverages (both up 50% year over year). 4,5 Can you say, “creepy cocktails”?

Candy: No tricks here! This year trick-or-treaters are most excited about chocolate—it holds the top spot in all candy searches (87% year over year)! 6


Home: To bring the haunted into their homes, people are searching for decorating tips like dry ice centerpieces (280% year over year), pumpkin lanterns (324% year over year), drip-painted pumpkins (185% year over year), floating witch hat luminaries (485% year over year), Halloween wreaths (254% year over year) and spooky window silhouettes (147% year over year).

Party: This autumn, Pinners are looking to keep things simple: 1 in 2 Halloween decor ideas on Pinterest contains the word balloons7—think black and orange balloon garland and inflatable jack-o-lanterns.

Beyond the home: Ready or not, Halloween is coming to the office—and to your van, sedan or coupe! 1 out of 10 Halloween searches on Pinterest is for workplace decor,8 and we’re seeing searches skyrocket for trunk-or-treating (2183% year over year).9 

Advertiser Takeaways

Make people on Pinterest scream for your ideas this Halloween. Here are some tricks (and treats) for reaching your audience:

  • Makeup takes center stage during Halloween—after all, it puts the boo in boo-tiful. Highlight transitional products that can take people from their day-to-day makeup routine to Halloween night. Or keep things simple by providing visual step-by-step instructions that show people how to complete their looks with ease.

  • Across all Halloween categories, we’ve noticed a trend of repurposing everyday items to take Halloween to the next level. Show people how easy it can be to use these items for Halloween night and beyond. One small way to do this? Help Pinners get last-minute costumes together by showing them how to style items they may already have—jeans, sweaters and glasses.

  • People on Pinterest are amplifying their Halloween menus by tweaking simple recipes with spooky details. Show them how to make their party the talk of the town by giving your recipes fun, Halloween-themed names.

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–Alli Kopas, currently saving to Pupperonis


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