Travel trends from jet-setting Pinners

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Top trips and cities

Travel Pinning grows quickly in January and peaks in the spring, before declining throughout the year. And since people start planning and saving earlier on Pinterest than search or social, we get a sneak peek into the next big travel trends.

Those bitten by the travel bug are currently excited about:

  • Solo travel: +6% increase in Pins, compared to last year
  • Hiking trips: +135%
  • International travel: +9%
  • Budget travel: +12%
  • American road trips: +28%

Paris, Cambodia, Madeira, Bangkok and Arizona all make the list of top Pinned destinations with the highest percent growth year over year. On the flip side, destinations and themes declining in popularity this year include the Maldives, Cape Cod, camping and Cozumel.

But no matter where their journeys take them, Pinners want to catch some waves. From the Carolina shores to the Mediterranean coast, beaches topped the most searched list with 3.5 million searches.

Check out how some partners are seeing success by reaching and engaging Pinners interested in travel:

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3 ways to reach travelers on Pinterest
  1. Inspire Pinners to explore the world, and they’ll be inspired to explore your products too. Add Pins on trending travel topics, such as stories of traveling solo, a guide to dining in Paris or ideas for vacationing on a budget.
  2. Grab attention with quotes, informative tips and vivid imagery of this year’s top destinations. This works well for businesses that aren’t in the travel industry too. For example, if you’re a clothing retailer, you could create a travel board with road trip outfits and suitcase-packing tips.
  3. Keep an eye on travel brands that are growing their Pinterest presence, like Kayak, TripAdvisor, Skyscanner,  Airbnb, Carnival Cruise lines, Royal Caribbean, HyattHiltonDisneyland Resort and Walt Disney World

-Kevin Choy, currently saving ideas to Vroom Vroom cars