'Tis the seasonal campaign

'Tis the seasonal campaign
'Tis the seasonal campaign

Use these tips to make the 2016 holiday season the biggest one yet for your business:

Start saving holiday ideas now

Holiday planning on Pinterest starts early. 45% of Pinners begin planning for holidays at least 60-days out (that's 21% higher than the general population!). That means people on Pinterest may already be on the prowl for holiday inspiration. The sooner you add your content, the more likely you are to get noticed and stay top-of-mind throughout the busy holiday season.

Pinterest Analytics can help you see what Pins to create (and which Pins to promote)

Visit the Audiences section of Pinterest Analytics to figure out what topics your audience is actively interested in. Try creating holiday Pins relevant to those topics, even if they’re not 100% connected to your business's offerings. Engage people with diverse content during the holidays.

Try multi-product image Pins to spark creativity

Bring your ideas to life by combining products on a single Pin in a way that shows people on Pinterest how they can use your products during the holidays. For example, show how a frying pan can lead to the creation of a perfect winter brunch, or how a sparkly shirt can add a festive touch to a holiday outfit.

Target active holiday Pinners

Use engagement or visitor retargeting to identify people who have already looked at holiday-related content this year. Or use keyword targeting to reach people actively searching for holiday ideas on Pinterest.

This year you can give your brand the gift of a great holiday season! We have more holiday planning tips coming soon, so stay tuned!

—Xenia Nosov, currently saving ideas to -- sucré --