Tips to drive reach and performance with audiences

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Segment your audiences to drive performance with lookalike targeting

Lookalike targeting lets you reach a larger audience that's similar to your current customers. This can help you expand existing campaigns to find people more likely to respond to your Promoted Pins.

Like people on Pinterest, your customers have widely different interests. Instead of creating a single segment of all your customers, it's beneficial to create separate segments of customers that have similar attributes. This makes it easier to identify what they like and respond to most on Pinterest, which will create a more valuable lookalike audience.

When you create different sized lookalikes from the same source audience a natural overlap of users occurs. For example, if you create a 1% and a 5% lookalike, users in the 1% audience will also be in the 5% audience. To prevent this overlap in a campaign, simply include the 5% and exclude the 1% audience. Then include that 1% in another campaign. This way you can have two campaigns with different sized lookalikes running at the same time without any overlap. Keep in mind that your source audience is automatically excluded from any lookalike audience that you create.

Hit the ground running

Over the next few weeks, we'll continue sharing ways you can optimize your campaigns with audiences. The best way to understand what performs best for your business is to keep testing! To see the benefits of audiences yourself, head to Audiences Manager and create your first audience.

–Lauren Frederick, currently saving ideas to LA Dreaming