The world’s digital catalog

The world’s digital catalog

Remember the days when your actual mailbox was stuffed fuller than your digital inbox? Kids today might have Oculus Rift and iPads to entertain them, but they will never know the sheer joy of opening the mailbox to find that the JCPenny’s back-to-school lookbook or the Sears Wish Book had arrived.

Brittany Mohr, a member of Pinterest’s Growth Partnerships Team, can relate. In a recent panel discussion at SocialPro in Seattle, Mohr expanded on the unique experience of that catalog as product. “At my house, the dELiA*s catalog was a prized possession,” she remembers. “When it would arrive, I'd run upstairs with a pen in hand to circle products and dogear pages, daydreaming about the items I wanted.”

She didn’t know it at the time, but this practice is every company's dream customer behavior: A consumer highly motivated to buy, but also not entirely sure yet what they want. And while poring over catalogs may not be be as commonplace as it once was, Pinterest now fills the purchase-primed spot that they left behind. Every month, 50% of millennials and 75% of mothers come to Pinterest to be inspired.

We created Pinterest to be the world’s digital catalog of ideas and we are intently focused on creating a perfectly symbiotic relationship between consumers and brands. 75% of Pins on Pinterest are from businesses, and Pinners view this content as actionable, credible and relevant. 150 million daydreamers come to Pinterest every day to save a visual list of things they hope to be, own, or do one day. In fact, 72% of Pinners say Pinterest introduced them to new brands and services.

There are seemingly endless digital platforms to invest marketing dollars in, but few offer a tool that targets a consumer who is primed to purchase. We've developed just that: a platform that lets brands offer their products to the right person at the right time. Printed catalogs may be a thing of the past, but we're building a future where consumers can discover your products with the same open arms and excitement that we all felt as kids.  Click here to activate your Pinterest marketing strategy with Promoted Pins and join the catalog of ideas.

—Brittany Mohr, currently saving ideas to My Home