The top trends for September 2019

Pleated skirt
Hey, shorty

Let’s cut to the chase: hair and nails don’t have to be long to look glam. Searches for short nails are up 46% and up top, lengthy locks are also on the chopping block with blunt bob haircuts up 121% YoY.

hair bob
A long wave goodbye

People on Pinterest are holding on to that summer feeling, with searches for smokeless indoor grill recipes up 655% and smoker cooking up 638% YoY. And they’re taking their adult beverages with them to tailgates and other end-of-season shindigs, looking for canned cocktails (+92% YoY) and half-beer, half-fruit radlers (123% YoY) to accompany those still-warm fall days.

smoker grill
Elevated style

If we have to go back to work and school after summer vacation, let’s do it in the controversial, celeb-backed phenomenon of heeled flip flops (+130% YoY). Mandarin orange color (+110% YoY) and tangerine aesthetic (+86% YoY) are bringing a warm glow to fall fashion. The long pleated skirt (+45%) is also increasingly stylish.

tangerine aesthetic
Shoulder season

Fall means lower prices, fewer tourists and cooler weather, so savvy vacationers are looking to moving pictures for both inspiration (travel videos, up 420% YoY) and tips (travel hacks videos, up 162% YoY). To pack smart, they’re searching travel airplane essentials (+322% YoY) and fall travel capsule (+192% YoY). Top off-season destinations include Tokyo, Japan (+232% YoY), Oaxaca, Mexico (+226% YoY), and the Seychelles, Africa (+166% YoY).

The local edition
  • Australia: Like having the spun sugar snack stuck to your fingers, cotton candy nails (+306% YoY) are helping Australians get ready for spring.

  • Canada: Summer’s on the wane up north, but Canadians are still standing tall in their platform sandals, with searches up 103% YoY.

  • France: Marrying classic with contemporary fashion, the French are ready to make a statement with wedding hats (+77% YoY) for both brides and guests.

  • Germany: Germans are cooling off in the hottest summer on record with homemade rose water (+46% YoY), presumably adding the floral elixir to facial toners, baked goods and frozen desserts.

  • UK: Searches for natural wine are up 57% YoY in the UK, where the old-fashioned, unfiltered and untamed fermented grape juice is the latest innovation.

  • US: Americans want to know what the kids are wearing, searching for street style inspiration (+413% YoY) to add a dose of grassroots to their back-to-school look.

street style
Put these insights to work
  • Travel searches on Pinterest are about more than just activities and fun hotels. In fact, they touch a number of other in-trip categories like food and fashion. Knowing the popularity of video for travel inspo across destination and trip theme, why not also lean on this immersive format for popular related categories? Think video for vacation style and culinary tourism.

  • When looking for color and palette inspiration, Pinners will frequently include the term “aesthetic” to see examples of this theme across specific products. Keep this search behavior in mind for opportunities to align with trending colors—and be creative! This is a great way to surface unexpected product listings like this one for lightbulbs under “tangerine aesthetic.”

  • As the days get shorter, barbecue season ends (in theory). But, spikes in searches for indoor grilling ideas tell us Pinners aren’t ready to give up this summer staple. For businesses, don’t retire those recipes just yet! Instead, think about ways to adapt them for the kitchen, with updated steps and new photos with indoor dinnerware.

Dive into our Audience insights tool to discover even more Pinterest trends that your customers might already be looking for.

Beyond resolution-making in January, this September marks a second point in the year when Pinners are looking for a reset. We call this moment getting “Back to Life”. Read more about it on the Pinterest Newsroom.

–Talia Parnass, currently saving ideas to FALL CHOP.


Trend increases are calculated from July ’18 to July ’19 using normalized global and country-specific searches from Pinterest internal data related to the trend.