The top trends for September 2018

woman with pixie cut
Hold the crust

For foodies, fall means one thing...pie (and a lot of it). While some may argue that the crust is the best part, we’re often looking for space-saving ways to eat more of it, hence the purpose for pie sans the crust. Searches for crustless blueberry pie have grown 47x year over year.

Underfoot style

Jelly roll rugs are all the rage right now. And it’s not surprising. Easy to craft, these floor coverings give any dorm (or new home) an easy, at-home vibe. Searches for jelly roll rugs have seen massive growth this season at 127x year over year.

Fast fashion

Both DIY and in-store fashion finds are sharing a moment this season. Activity for knit crochet (36x year over year) and reinventive ways to cut a tshirt (7x year over year) are on the rise, while Korean fashion styles (201x year over year) and sneaker head searches (14x year over year) from streetwear enthusiasts are also sharing the style spotlight.

Bold beauty

Statement-making beauty is always on trend. But right now, we’re seeing spikes in interest for very short pixie haircuts (10x year over year), dip powder nail colors summer (78x year over year) and beauty mists (134x year over year).

Eye-catching colors

Bright colors have a certain youthful vibe to them which might be why we’re seeing these vibrant decor trends—confetti classroom theme (19x year over year), pink flamingos (7x year over year) and highchair decor 1st birthday searches (119x year over year), pop up alongside the Back to School season.

All the hors d'oeuvres

Grazing tables are a great way to bring people together (not to mention they add something a little extra to your holiday spread), so it’s no surprise that we’re seeing this trend at the top of searches. Activity for grazing table ideas has grown 127x year over year.

Shifting gears

Fall is often associated with two things: beautiful weather and recent moves. We’re guessing that people searching for custom bikes (15x year over year) might be looking for a new transportation routine to ride out the rest of summer’s glory.

Create an ad with these insights

Work these trends into your next campaign to reach people while they’re making decisions. Some ideas to get you started.

  • School is officially back in session! Check out our Back to School post for how brands can stand out this season.

  • Get a leg up with flamingo accessories. A great way to work in fun pops of color to dorm decor, lunch boxes and have your creative stand out in Pinner’s feeds

  • Confetti classroom themes are big with teachers this month, but why not give this a go for birthday decorations as well?

  • In the auto industry? Whether your product has two wheels or four, try targeting those with a new commute this fall.

  • Curious how these trends may apply to your audience on Pinterest? Check out our Audience Insights tool to learn more.

For more info on what’s trending on a global scale this fall season, be sure to check out our Global Beauty and Fashion Reports.

–Talia Parnass, currently saving ideas to TERRACOTTA

Source: Pinterest internal data, YoY US analysis, July 2018