The top trends for October 2019

barn door
Pop the question

Every year, we see searches for engagement ideas increase on Pinterest an average of 40% between June and January1, with October now at the midpoint of this period. For the perfect ring, top searches this month are seamless halo engagement ring, up 565% year over year (YoY), elongated cushion engagement ring (+143% YoY) and turquoise rings engagement (+208% YoY). For the photoshoot, this month’s winners are car engagement photos (+125% YoY), during a carnival +106% and winery engagement photos (+122% YoY). We propose that you check out the report in our Newsroom for more info.

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Stealthily healthy

Pinners are determined to make crave-worthy food favorites a little healthier this month. The chaffle—a Keto waffle made of only cheese and eggs—is a breakthrough trend right now that didn’t exist a year ago, and is attracting hundreds of thousands of searches. Also rising to the occasion are gluten-free naan bread (+39%) and chia seed water (+55%).

naan bread

This fall, exaggerated looks are all the rage. Searches for head to toe leather have surged 33% YoY. Pinners are ready to size things up with baggy cardigans (+133% YoY) or down with tiny bags (+70% YoY). And chunky sneakers (+163% YoY) are providing an attractive platform.

Opportunity knocks

Door decor is dominating home trends this month. People are thinking about jazzing up their interiors with bedroom door painting, up a remarkable 1,215% YoY, or closing in on a rustic modern vibe by adding an interior barn door (+50% YoY) or wooden door design (+251% YoY).

painted door
The local edition

Australia: Mini canvas art, with searches up an impressive 2,793% YoY, has Aussies seeing the shrink this month.

Canada: Who’s got spirit? Canadians! They’re sending searches for gin cocktails up 47% YoY.

France: Wok this way: Chinese shrimp noodles, with searches up a stunning 2,180% YoY in France, promise to make weeknight meals easy and delicious.

Germany: German men are taking a cue from their southern neighbors this fall, driving searches for Parisian style (for men) up 903% YoY.

UK: Circle mirrors are all around on UK Pinterest boards, with searches up 36% YoY.

US: Is it a shirt? Is it a jacket? It’s neither, and both. The ever-versatile shacket has captured the attention of US Pinners this month, and buttoned up 239% higher searches YoY.

Circle mirror
Put these insights to work
  • Food: Making healthier versions of favorite foods doesn’t have to mean they’ll be less satisfying. Pinners are looking for inspiration to help them transition to fall meals without losing their summer bod. To ride this trend, fire up your fantasy pairing list and think staple foods with a not-so-common healthy twist. People will dish about winning recipes that fit this new healthy fusion craze. 

  • Style: This season, Pinners are all about becoming their most exaggerated, some may say extra, selves. As they window shop, become their style guru by amping up everyday outfits with a bold pop that makes heads turn. Need inspiration? Think about targeting styles that complement each other on a grander scale, like a baggy cardigan dressed up by adding heels with socks. No cold toes here.

  • Home Decor: Doors close off a room, sure, but this month, they’re opening a whole new creative side for Pinners. They’re adorning Pinners’ dream room boards as they plan everything from small improvements to big renovations. Be top of mind as they go to the hardware store this month by becoming a real idea starter: doors as tables, room dividers or even art!


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–Nikki Bridges, currently saving ideas to Current Mood




Trend increases are calculated from August ’18 to August ’19 using normalized global and country-specific searches from Pinterest internal data related to the trend.

1Increase in engagement searches is an average of June '16 - Jan '17 and June '17 - Jan '18. Pinterest internal data.