The top trends for May 2018


Put yourself first

We predicted a rise in self-care staycations this year, and the trend continues to grow. People are looking for easy ways to make staycations feel special, soothing and restorative. They’re also bringing a self-care mindset to their workouts. We’re seeing more interest in low-impact techniques like Tai-Chi (+83%), plus more saves for “easy workouts” (+155% YoY).

Sneak a peek

Women’s sneakers are back in the spotlight, and up 101%. These shoes are anything but boring: they’re dressed up with embellishments (+1042% YoY), fur (+85% YoY) and even platforms (+262% YoY).

It’s always time for pizza

People are breaking convention and putting a morning spin on their favorite meals. “Dinner for breakfast” saves are up 117% YoY–and that includes everything from breakfast nachos, to breakfast sundaes. This eggy pizza is one of the most popular finds, with more than 59,000 saves so far.

Going natural

We’re seeing a rise in natural makeup, skincare and personal care. Saves for organic makeup are up 350% YoY, while natural sunscreens are up 121%. And don’t forget deodorant: natural options are up 116% YoY.

Jump on it

Athleisure knows no bounds. Its latest conquest? Jumpsuits! We’re seeing a huge rise in saves for athletic jumpsuits, up 232% since last year. There’s a suit for every budget and style, from simple to strappy.  

Turn these insights into action

Use these emerging trends to plan for what your audience wants. DSW acted fast when they saw relevant insights on this year’s Pinterest 100. Their April campaign showcased footwear trends like embellished shoes and sheer socks. They also found a way to tie other style trends into their Pins, showing how people can make popular looks work from head to toe.

–Talia Parnass, currently saving ideas to Cork Everything


All data comes from analyzing search and save patterns on Pinterest.



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