The top trends for March 2020

aquarium wall

Something to chew on

Pinners are preventing spoilage this month, using sugar, spices, salt and pepper to do some do-it-yourself preserving. Top searches include mushroom jerky dehydrator, up 133% year-over-year (YoY), air fryer jerky recipes (+91% YoY) and beef jerky recipe dehydrator homemade (+96% YoY).


Living in color

The hottest color this month? It’s a tie—between all of them! Get ready for tie dye (+57% YoY) to brighten things up this year, in ways you might expect, as tie dye sweatpants (an emerging term we’ve seen pop in the past year), and ways you might not: tie dye wallpaper for mobile phones (+111% YoY) and tie dye nails (+149% YoY). We’re even seeing a small burst in searches for tie dye party (+40% YoY).

tie dye shirt

Age of aquariums

“Freshwater aquariums” was a trending term in our May 2019 report. Since then, interest in these mini water worlds has continued to grow. This month, we’re seeing searches for moss ball aquarium float up 210% YoY, along with shallow aquarium (+50% YoY) and wall aquarium ideas (+47% YoY).

aquarium wall

Pollution solutions

People are increasingly thinking about protecting their outsides and insides from airborne pollutants, and undoing any damage done. Searches for skincare products like anti pollution drops (+567% YoY) and anti pollution serum (+144% YoY) are way up, as well as for the filtering anti pollution mask (+277% YoY).

skincare vials

The local edition

Australia: The recent surge in searches for dainty ocean tattoos (164% YoY) make us think that Australians love the sea, but don’t want to shout about it.

Canada: Canadians are considering dressing up their kitchens with two-tone tuxedo cabinets, elevating searches 63% YoY.

France: Vintage travel posters (+400% YoY) are all the rage in France right now, where Pinners are dreaming about traveling back in time.

Germany: The turmeric tea known as golden milk is rumored to be healthy a hundred different ways. No wonder searches are up 43% YoY in Germany.

UK: Why settle for a green thumb when you can have green nails on your whole hand? Searches are up 79% YoY in the UK.

US: The night sky is inspiring fashion in the States this month, where searches for star jeans have shot up 66% YoY.

star jeans

Put these insights to work

All advertisers: Thinking of a way to spice up your creative on Pinterest (even if you don't sell tie-dye products)? Instead of using bold color blocking on your Pin, consider using a tie-dye background to get hip with this groovy new trend.

Auto advertisers: It’s not a road trip without the snacks! Auto advertisers, lean into the jerky trend to join the conversation about how your car is the perfect vessel for a fun road trip—complete with jerky for all the passengers, of course. 

Beauty advertisers: Beauty advertisers, what about your product is anti-pollution? Most likely, consumers don’t know what you have to offer in the clean beauty space—so let’s tell them. Use text overlay to call out these product benefits that are trending right now. 

–Talia Parnass, currently saving ideas to KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL.


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Trend increases are calculated from January’19 to January ’20 using normalized global and country-specific searches from Pinterest internal data related to the trend.