The top trends for June 2018

Orange sunglasses

Seeing stars

Why throw the same old bash when you can try something new? For this new party trend, people are looking to the stars—literally. Stargazing parties are up 192% this year as friends gather to peep at stars and meteor showers.

Wine down

Great parties need great drinks, and white wine slushies seem to be this year’s frosé. The boozy, refreshing slushies are up 3037% since last year.   

Pool-party ready

Swim season means a whole new set of fashion trends. This year we’re seeing lots of love for off-the-shoulder suits (+212%), plunging necklines (+153%) and one-pieces (+132%). Popular fabrics include gingham (+313%), florals (+178%) and stripes (+124%).  

Getting saucy

People are brushing up on sauce recipes to prep for their summer shindigs. The top sauces on Pinterest right now range from this classic BBQ Sauce, to Cowboy Butter and Boom Boom Sauce.  

Orange-colored glasses

People have their eyes on orange sunglasses this year. They’re up 154% since January 2018, and orange-tinted lenses are up 368% since January.  

Let's talk about tats

There are over 2 billion tattoo Pins, and there’s always something new. Some of the latest trends include elegant tattoos (+126%), quote tattoos (+152%) and coordinate tattoos (+91%). Don’t want to commit to ink? No worries: temporary tattoos are also on the rise (+163%).  

–Talia Parnass, currently saving ideas to SLINGBACKS


All data from analyzing search and save patterns on Pinterest.

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