The top trends for July 2018

girl on beach with tassel towel
Patriotic party picks

What’s the Fourth of July without special treats? People are searching for red, white and blue foods to boost spirits at their Independence Day parties. Top trending foods for the Fourth of July 2018 include buzzed cherry bombs (171k saves), Rice Krispie bites (155k saves), dipped pretzels (134k saves) and fireworks pudding cookies (86k saves).

Take it outside

Warmer temps make summer the perfect time for home improvement. We’re seeing activity spike for projects like gardening (+84% increase in searches since Jan 2018) and woodworking (+52% increase in searches since Jan 2018).

Just add sand

Even towels can be trendy! Beach-goers are searching to complement their summer looks and sunny vibes. We’re seeing searches climb since January for styles like graphic towels (+500%), tassel towels (+400%) and round towels (+77%).

Summer stylin’

We’re seeing saves climb for styles that let you stay out in the heat without breaking a sweat. That includes looks like wrap-around skirts (saves +152% YoY), rattan shoes (saves +98% YoY) and embroidered kimonos (saves +80% YoY). Some of the hottest summer accessories include micro sunglasses (saves +1305% YoY) and woven handbags (saves +573% YoY).

Hair’s the thing

Summer’s not the time for complicated hairdos. Spiral hair ties are popular because they get hair out of the way, without leaving a mark (saves +2198% YoY). Low-effort, air-dried hair is also in, and up 166% YoY.  

Advertiser takeaways
  • Think seasonal: No matter the month, it’s always helpful to tie your Pins to seasonal moments. Pins about seasonal topics can drive 10x higher aided awareness than Pins that aren’t as timely. Try to work a summer angle into your Pin this July: think about beach scenes, outdoor entertaining and other popular activities for the warmer months.

  • Bring things to life: Help your audience visualize your product or service in their lives. In general, lifestyle images and Pins that provide context perform better than Pins that show products on their own.1


For more timely tips, check out our summer insights report.


–Talia Parnass, currently saving ideas to CPH


All trends from Pinterest global internal data, 2018

1Creative best practices data from three studies: Millward Brown, Creative meta analysis, May 2018; Pinterest, OCL creative meta analysis, May 2018; ODC, Creative best practices analysis, May 2018

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