The top trends for August 2018

Woman with tie knot shirt

Meat cute

Charcuterie is a party classic, but not just any platter will do. Charcuterie board ideas are up 190% this year, as people try to find the perfect balance of style and substance.

Tail us about it

Mermaids are definitely part of our world this summer. Pinners are on the hunt for mermaid party supplies. That includes things like mermaid birthday party decorations (+93% year over year), and cupcakes (+52%).  


Mermaids aren’t the only sea creature making a splash this summer. Sharks are popular too, thanks to the Discovery Channel’s Shark Week programming at the end of July. Shark-related searches run the gamut, from ink (shark tattoos are up 25%) to entertaining (shark cakes are up 29%).

Turning heads

Summer hair is looking sharp. We’re seeing a range of trends for black hair this summer, from Lemonade-inspired braids (+937%) to crochet hairstyles (+482%) and mohawk braids (+750%).

Sunny side up

Yellow home decor is having its moment in the sun. Activity is up for the sunny shade itself: Yellow wallpaper is up 275%. There’s also lots of love for sunflowers, from patterned wallpaper (+169%) to sunflower field pictures (+1069%).

Like a rock

Easy crafts are always a win. Right now, we’re seeing lots of interest in rock painting ideas for kids. This retro, simple craft is up 172% year over year.  


Abandoned to adventure

Abandoned places have a certain allure to them. They’re creepy cool—and pretty photogenic, too. We’re guessing that people looking for abandoned places on Pinterest (+125%) might be planning summer road trips.

I love the 90’s

The 90’s are back (again!). This month’s fashion trends give a big nod to the 90’s fashion. People are looking for tube tops (+783%), oversized t-shirts (+164%) and tips to tie the perfect shirt knot (+230%). They’re also digging biker short outfits, up 764% this year.

Create an ad with these insights

Work these trends into your next campaign to reach people while they’re making decisions. Some ideas to get you started:

  • Sell decorative dishware? You could run a series about the best charcuterie plates for different kinds of designs.

  • Trying to reach travelers? Highlight some of the coolest abandoned spots near your town, and give tips for places to eat after.

  • Excited about yellow? No matter what you sell, there’s a way to work yellow into your ads. Maybe you could use a yellow backdrop, or put some sunflowers in your next image, or highlight your latest yellow products.

  • Looking to inspire parents? Help them plan their next birthday party with themed to-do lists.

  • Curious how these trends may apply to your audience on Pinterest? Check out our Audience Insights tool to learn more.

–Talia Parnass, currently saving ideas to RATTAN

1 All trend data: Pinterest, US analysis, 2018