The retailer’s guide to customer retention on Pinterest

The retailer’s guide to customer retention on Pinterest
Targeting and placement recommendations

Retarget existing customers

Use customer targeting to cross-sell, up-sell or re-engage people who already shop with you. Upload your customer lists to narrow in on on the right people.

Layer in keywords

Use keyword targeting to find people engaged with the category and ready to take the next step. When you layer keyword targeting with customer targeting, you’ll maximize exposure to the right people in both the Pinterest home feed and in search results.

Auction strategy

Your goals should define your bidding strategy. If your campaign is focused on in-store sales or awareness for in-store events, use bidded CPM to optimize impressions and reach more people. If you’re trying to drive online sales or other online actions, use CPC bidding to optimize website traffic.

Creative recommendations

Use what you know  

Since you’re targeting existing customers, you should already know some of their preferences and needs.

Segment your creative

Learn what types of products, offers and content appeal most to different customer segments, then create tailored content for each audience. Use that information to create relevant, timely content. For Target, that meant showing ads about healthy meals to people who were already buying other types of wellness products.  

Make it easy to shop across channels

Bridge the experience across channels so it’s easy for people to shop. If you leave the call to action open, people can choose whether to buy online or in-store.  

Think about the full shopping journey

People’s needs differ at various points along the path to purchase. Be deliberate with formats and messaging so you show the right information every step of the way. For example, you could use lifestyle imagery for home feed ads to get people inspired at the start of their shopping process. Then, you could retarget the same people later on with Promoted Pins that feature more specific product information.


Look for incremental sales

Incremental sales clue you into whether existing customers are starting to buy more items or shop more frequently. Our third party sales lift measurement partners can help you assess incremental sales for both online and offline channels.

Measure conversion across devices

Use the Pinterest Tag to track how your marketing impacts people’s behavior across devices, and how campaigns impact sales.


-Amy Vener, currently saving ideas to Alternative Transportation