The power of Pinterest engagement

We’re proud to be a place where millions of people are finding great ideas they can use in their lives. Discovery is at the heart of Pinterest, and we’ve heard from Pinners all over the world on how coming across the right Pins can turn the everyday into something more extraordinary.

One of our Pinners, Nichole, put it best: “You can find ideas for anything you could ever want to do!”

We also asked Pinners to choose 3 words to describe what content needs to be on Pinterest—they said useful (54%), helpful (50%) and inspiring (45%). It really is more about utility than looks.

This mindset is great news for businesses, too. We’ve got a lot of research that proves Pinterest is the kind of place that inspires people and helps drive your business goals. Here’s a look at some of it:

Promoted Pins drive meaningful brand lift. In an internal study comparing Pinners who’ve seen Promoted Pins to Pinners who haven’t, we learned Promoted Pins have a major impact on brand metrics. People who saw Promoted Pins have seen double digit lifts across several brand objectives from awareness, to favorability, to purchase intent.

Engagement matters. Engagement is extra meaningful on Pinterest and goes way beyond a click. In fact:

  • Pinners who click through to a business website are 4-5x more likely to sign up or buy something compared to those who just see the Pin
  • Pinners who repin or tap for a closeup of a Pin are 1.5x more likely to buy something compared to those who just see the Pin
  • When looking at engagement, 8x as many tap for closeups and 2x as many repin before a conversion compared to clicks before conversion

Joan, a Pinner, explains her Pinning process: “I love Pinning stuff I am considering buying so I can have it all conveniently in one place to compare,” she said.

And the longer a Pinner has been with us, the more useful, personalized and inspirational they find our platform. That’s also true for their daily engagement—the longer you use Pinterest, the more you love using it. It’s a big reason why we think we’re worth the investment.

Repins mean major earned conversions. When people like one of your Promoted Pins, they’ll repin it to save it for themselves and share it with their followers. This is added value for you, since you get extra distribution of your Pins at no cost. What’s more:

  • With a 30-day attribution window, most businesses see a 56% decrease in their cost-per-acquisition (CPA)—once you include earned impressions, CPA drops 61%  
  • While conversions from a clickthrough may happen on the actual day of spend, the large majority of conversions from Pinterest take place 7 days later
  • Repins make up about 15% of conversions—this all comes as earned media, which means it’s at no cost to you. In other words, if there are 100 purchases that come from a Promoted Pin, about 15 of them will come from earned media.

—Edwin Wong, currently saving ideas to​ Layered