The luxe life on Pinterest

A luxury living room
Briana Smith and Vikram Bhaskaran

It’s no secret that millennials are an economic powerhouse. It turns out that they also have a taste for the finer things in life. Millennials now make up the largest group of luxury shoppers in the US and account for nearly half of upscale shoppers.1

Pinterest is the perfect place for luxury brands to reach millennials and other high-end shoppers. 57% of US millennials are on Pinterest,2 and more than a quarter of the people on Pinterest have a household income of $150,000 or more.3

People on Pinterest are more likely to shop at luxury retailers than people not on the platform, and they spend more when they do. They’re 52% more likely to shop at high-end home décor retailers,4 48% more likely to shop at upscale women’s retailers,5 and 20% more likely to buy luxury cars than people not on the platform.6

Something to aspire to

People come to Pinterest to find ideas and inspiration about what to do or buy next, making it a great fit for luxury brands who want to create deep associations between their products and the futures people aspire to.

Some 67% of people on Pinterest say they’ve discovered new brands or products on the platform thanks to content from brands.7 Upscale content is particularly popular. Last year, 29.7 million people saved more than 101 million luxury Pins across lifestyle categories on Pinterest.8 Three of the most popular items saved were handbags, shoes, and jewelry.9 Luxury home is also big, with millions of saves for high-end furniture, living and interiors.10

A place for brands

As people turn to Pinterest to discover and then actually do the things they love offline, luxury brands have the opportunity to show how their brands complement these experiences. For instance, a luxury car brand could inspire Pinners planning road trips, and a luxury apparel brand could inspire people looking to travel.

Brands can also showcase collections and tell lifestyle stories through their boards. For instance, kate spade new york uses Pinterest to showcase entire collections and convey the DNA of the brand.

Brands can use Pinterest’s expanded interest targeting to reach luxury shoppers during key moments in their life when they’re making big-ticket purchases, from Valentine’s Day gifts to new car purchases. Our Possibilities Planner highlights what moments are big on Pinterest and provides tips for reaching consumers during these times.

Learn more about how luxury brands like the Four Seasons, Hunter Boots and Forevermark are tapping into the fact that people use Pinterest to do and discover things they love.

—Briana Smith and Vikram Bhaskaran


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