The graduate’s guide to adulting

The graduate’s guide to adulting
Tyler VanDyke
Senior Manager eCommerce for Cocoon by Sealy
“We’re really excited about connecting with Pinterest’s highly engaged audience of graduates who are on the verge of big life moments.”

Along the way, readers encounter interactive and sometimes incomplete (by design) pages that are 100% customizable—making the possibilities endless. Some spreads even integrate Pinterest Lens so readers can tap the camera in the search bar of their Pinterest app, hover Lens over the image and instantly find more ideas on Pinterest.

Our partner brands set grads up for success, not just immediately after graduating, but as they encounter additional big life moments such as enrolling in postsecondary education, moving into a shared space with a roommate, buying a new vehicle or simply doing their best to “adult” and land that first entry-level job.

That highly engaged college-aged audience saves more than 17 million graduation-related ideas each year.Armed with that power of intent, the four partner brands leaned into the Pinterest platform as a natural place to engage college graduates and potential grad gift-givers.

“Pinterest is driving action more than any other social platform right now,” said Jenny Thavenet, Senior Brand Manager at Rust-Oleum. “Over 25% of monthly Pinners are using the platform to help plan for buying a new home or moving. Consumers come to Pinterest for inspiration and the know-how to complete projects, which makes it a perfect place for Rust-Oleum to be.”

Content tips: If your business is looking to activate during the graduation timeframe, focus on creative that inspires and provides practical how-to and product inspiration for tackling common, everyday occurrences, from purchasing a work-appropriate wardrobe, to outfitting a space, to elevating the ambiance of your entertaining activities. To see how easy it is to create content to engage with graduation-related audiences on Pinterest, check out examples from our brand partners Rust-Oleum, Ashley HomeStore, Ibotta and Cocoon.

Targeting tips: When it comes to Promoted Pin targeting, expand interests to target adjacent categories such as men and women’s fashion, travel or humor and photography, while also focusing on strategic keywords such as graduation party, graduation food, graduation outfits, graduation gifts, graduation ideas and graduation hair.

For more helpful adulting ideas, advice and how-to’s, visit The Graduate's Guide to Adulting board on Pinterest, where you can also purchase a print version.

- Brad Spychalski, saving ideas to My Dreams

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