Summer heats up on Pinterest

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Trending for July 4th

When it comes to this peak-summer holiday, the majority of Pinners are focusing their July 4th plans around entertaining. 68% of Pinners planning for a BBQ or grill meal this summer, compared to 54% of non-Pinners.1 Here are the trends we’re seeing, for entertainment and other activities:

  • Food: White wine slushies (+3037% YoY) and pepper cocktails (+347% YoY) are sure to pack a punch and keep guests cool. No backyard? No problem. Pinners are packing their picnics in a jar (+346% YoY) with eco-friendly reusable utensils (+221% YoY). Condiment preferences for Pinners heat up this time of year as well; around July 4th we see ketchup and mustard take a backseat to salsa, jalapeños and Sriracha.2

  • Home:  Pinners are dressing up yard furniture with edible table runners (+125% since Jan 2018) and water bar stations (+171% YoY). They’re getting creative with specific themes like stargazing parties (+192% YoY) and beer garden parties (+638% YoY). Urban Pinners are making their small spaces work for the holiday with patio parties (+123% YoY) and are increasingly taking these festivities to go with remote nature getaways (+337% YoY).

  • Beauty/style: “4th of July nails” are trending among those building a festive look. Activity peaks for this term the first few days of July with 3.6m searches.2 Check out our summer beauty board for additional skincare and beauty inspiration. Long-weekends are trending on Pinterest this summer (+167% YoY) so it’s no surprise that beyond red, white and blue- themed ensembles, travel-friendly outfits are having a moment. In fact, 1 in 10 searches for bags during summer are for weekender bags.3

Related interests for your campaigns

To maximize your ad campaign’s reach, you can also target your audience's related interests. For example, Pinners looking for refreshing cocktail ideas are also interested in sausage rolls.

Here are some of Pinners' key interests for summer, along with the related interests to keep in mind when considering targeting for your summer campaigns: 


  • BBQ: brewing, scotch, camping parties
  • Desserts:mason jar desserts, homemade marshmallow fluff, ice cream pie


  • Summer drinks: watermelon lemonade, fried shrimp, milkshake recipes
  • Refreshing cocktails: pineapple vodka, strawberry cheesecake bites, sausage rolls


  • Home (Backyard, Porch): japanese garden design,tropical pool, homes for sale
  • Fashion (Festival): jewelry bracelets, bikini outfits, urban fashion styles


  • Movies: home decor signs, home theater design, luxury living
  • Outdoor entertainment: romantic homes, french chairs, shabby chic style


  • Road trips: urban design, cars, country movies
  • Summer destinations: friendship photography, toddler snacks, beach sunrise, Hawaii packing list


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—Meg Liu, currently saving ideas to Kids


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