Summer entertaining trends that are rising with the temps

A scene of foot and candles

People have probably been thinking of ways to get outside and get some fresh air since January. But hosting an al fresco anything isn’t easy, and Pinners are always looking for new ideas to make their garden parties a hit.

Our insights team recently dug into recent search and save data to pull the latest emerging trends in summer entertaining. From hosting the best bash to simple under-the-stars dinners, we’ve got the latest trending summer-ready ideas.

As the season heats up, keep these insights in mind as you create Pins and develop new campaigns, so you can tie your marketing to what Pinners are looking for.

Party in the front

This summer, it's all about hanging out, out front. Searches for Pins related to front yards are up 67% year over year. Pinners are thinking about turning their front porches into front decks, or adding fire pits or decorative tiles (up 37%) to the yard. These style upgrades increase curb appeal and give off good neighborly vibes.

Take the inside out

Pinners are also thinking about how they can apply their indoor style to the outdoors. They’re bringing their upholstered furniture (up 32%) and gallery walls (up 39%) outside, even if it’s only temporary. Other popular ideas include coffee tables, rugs and outdoor-safe dishware.

Tangerine is the color of summer, up 42%. The slightly muted orange complements many colors, like the trending millennial pink. If you need more green, just add plant embroidery (up 195%). And good news—you cannot kill these plants.

Ice is cool, BBQ is hot

First things first, Pinners are pouring their guests (and themselves) a mezcal cocktail (up 170%). According to the Distilled Spirits Council, spirit sales growth is outpacing wine and beer. They’re upgrading any cocktail with flavored ice cubes (up 82%), and basic appetizers with upcycled fruit bowls (up 37%).

When it’s time to hit the grill, Pinners are letting their guests build their own BBQ bowls (up 52%) with a spread of fresh fixings. Last but not least are condiments. Middle Eastern accents, like tzatziki and harissa, are hot (literally) with searches up 55%.

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-Eric Wahlgren, saving ideas to Wearables