Success on Pinterest: Sephora inspires pinners with beauty

sephora success

With more than 250 brands and 14,000 products, Sephora is one of the largest and most diverse beauty brands in the world. The company knows Pinterest is a powerful way to reach millions of beauty aficionados, so it incorporates pinners in its marketing plans.

It started when the Sephora team noticed pinners were regularly saving their favorite beauty products and inspiration on Pinterest boards. Many of these images were from, which meant Sephora was getting a bump in traffic and learning more about its potential customers.

After that, Sephora added the Pin It button to tens of thousands of product pages and redesigned their marketing emails to be pinnable.

Here’s how Julie Bornstein, Sephora’s CMO & Chief Digital Officer describes it: “When we create content for our site or emails, we think of additional ways that we can help the story along on Pinterest. We use web analytics to look at top pins, test quote layouts from brand founders, and try different product shots— we spent time learning about what works and experiment often to get it right.”

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— Sadia Latifi, currently saving ideas to Wanderlust: America, the Beautiful