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Influencer marketing is growing

92% of marketers who partner with influencers have found the tactic to be effective, but up until now, it’s been difficult to measure influencer campaign results.1 The latest updates to our API allow brands to track the metrics that matter most to advertisers while reaching people who are actively looking for new ideas to try. Pinterest is unique—in a digital landscape where most posts are only seen on platforms for a single day, our Pins can drive engagement for 120 days or more. In addition, our advertisers drive purchasing for people on Pinterest, with 78% reporting that content from brands in their feeds and search results is useful.2

Rebecca Dickinson
“Access to Pinterest’s API is a huge deal. By collaborating with high performing influencers, brands can expect to see results on influencer-generated content long after it was created.”

8 partners and counting

Thanks to the influencer marketing partners who helped us launch this new program by integrating the API into their platforms: AspireIQ, HYPR, Influence.co, IZEA, Klear, Mavrck, Obvious.ly and Open Influence. They’ve provided great feedback to us every step of the way so we can ensure that we’re meeting both brand and influencer needs.

Lyle Stevens
Co-Founder & CEO, Mavrck
“Real-time analytics will help us to better understand influencers’ abilities to drive customer behaviors for brands. This will prove invaluable to brands looking to select and activate influencer partnerships on Pinterest.”

How to get started

Visit our Pinterest Marketing Partners hub to learn more about our eight influencer marketing platform launch partners. Whether you’re a content creator seeking a platform to help you connect with interested advertisers or a brand looking to discover influencers aligned with your mission, we’ve got you covered.

If you’re an influencer marketing platform or agency, we’re always looking for new partners as we build out our ecosystem. pmp-partnerships [at] pinterest.com (Contact us) today to learn more about the influencer marketing API.

—Aaron Ru, currently saving ideas to Watches


1 Linqia, “The State of Influencer Marketing 2018,” Dec 2017

2 GfK, US, Multi-vertical Pinterest in the Path to Purchase among its Weekly Users, Dec 2017