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Umesh Unnikrishnan
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Over 2 billion searches happen on Pinterest every month.1 And 97% of those searches are unbranded, which is why Pinterest is such an effective place to reach people while they’re still considering their next buying decision.2 Plus, everything on Pinterest is visual, so it’s easy for people to spot ideas that inspire them to try something new.

You can take advantage of these unique search opportunities by launching your next search targeted campaign using the Pinterest Ads Manager or our updated Bulk editor. We’ve added all the tools you need to craft an effective campaign:

  • Fine tune your targeting with broad, phrase and exact match keywords. Get precise control over which searches your ad appears in by using phrase and exact matches to narrow in on specific searches, or use broad match to reach a wider audience.

  • Use negative keywords to exclude terms, so your ad for “coffee tables” won’t show up when someone’s really searching for a new coffee brew.

  • Plus, search term reports to help you optimize your search strategy.

Joniece D. Hinds
Media Marketing Manager, Georgia-Pacific
“In a recent Pinterest search campaign targeting the carpet care category, 90% of traffic to our website came from new customers. We reached people who hadn’t visited STAINMASTER’s page in the past, driving incremental awareness. For the same campaign, we also saw a 90% lower cost per click than traditional search.”
Simplifying search

We’ve also started testing autotargeting, powered by the Taste Graph, as a way to extend your keyword campaigns into more searches. It helps you automatically target your ads to people  searching for relevant ideas, and easily launch effective campaigns.

Thanks to the Taste Graph, we have insight into what people are looking for on Pinterest and why. It’s informed by the style, textures and shapes that make something unique, the many ways people on Pinterest choose to categorize things, and so much more.

We're excited to start applying this powerful technology to your search campaigns!

Get knockout results with a new kind of search

From our ability to help you reach customers early, to the compelling visual ways you’re able to reach them, Pinterest search offers businesses something totally new and remarkably effective—whether you’re aiming to drive cost effective traffic, generate new leads, or grow online sales.

When STAINMASTER Home Cleaning ran their Pinterest search campaign, 90% of their traffic came from new customers—and their cost-per-click was 90% lower, compared to traditional search in the carpet care category.3 And when Carnival Cruise Line started running ads targeted to search on Pinterest they saw a nearly 71% lower cost-per-click, compared to similar campaigns on other platforms.

Melissa Anido-Lopez—a media planning director at Carnival Cruise Line—attributes this success to Pinterest’s unique search offerings: “Pinterest has given us the opportunity to expand beyond plain text with images in search, which isn’t traditionally available in the search landscape.”

Curious how to measure your own search success? Because you’ll reach people earlier, it’s best to evaluate your campaigns using longer attribution windows than you might on other search platforms. We recommend using at least a 30 day conversion window, and be sure to consider both engagement and view-based conversions.

Andrew Klegman
Intent Marketing Manager, Wayfair
“Our Pinterest shopping campaigns have reached new potential customers, increased traffic to our website, and boosted revenue, all while keeping costs under control. We were excited to try this search format because customers acquired on Pinterest have historically been high-value, and we see a lot of growth opportunity for this year and next.”
Ready to get started?

Lots of advertisers are already using Pinterest to reach their search customers, including Carnival Cruise Line, The Home Depot, STAINMASTER, Target, Walgreens and Wayfair. Don’t miss out on the many powerful ways to reach people as they search Pinterest for their next great idea. Try out our search offerings in Ads Manager today.

Several of our Pinterest Marketing Partners can also help you get started, including Adaptly, Kenshoo, Social Code, Sprinklr, and Unified.

— Umesh Unnikrishnan, currently saving ideas to Hong Kong



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2 Pinterest internal data, 2016

3 Pinterest internal data, 2017