Retail holiday Q&A: A conversation with Land of Nod

Land of Nod holiday campaign Pinterest

This winter, Pinterest sat down with leading retail marketers like eBay and Blackbird Garage to learn more about their approach to the holiday season and how they use Pinterest to advance their business. Land of Nod's Director of Marketing Joe Orlando shared how Pinterest works with their objectives in the third installment of our retail holiday Q&A series.

Orlando's goal is to maximize the reach of Land of Nod’s exclusive assortment of toys that run on pure imagination, no batteries required. He does it by focusing on all areas of the funnel, from awareness to acquisition and customer retention. "I believe everyone should buy gifts for kids during the holidays," he noted, "whether their own, nieces/nephews, friends kids or even donating toys to local charities."

At Land of Nod, do you think of the traditional marketing funnel when creating your campaign strategies this holiday?

We do think of the traditional funnel when identifying our strategies for the season. We also use non-traditional channels and tactics to maximize awareness, since mobile has become such an integral part of our customer journey.

As people get further down the funnel and closer to purchasing holiday gifts, how important is the relevancy of your messaging?

Relevancy is extremely important and will only continue to become more critical as consumers come to expect it from brands. Particularly in our life stage based business, it’s important that we use targeting and relevant data signals to serve age appropriate messaging when possible.

In what ways does Land of Nod harness the customer data you have to be more personalized?

We use data to improve the customer experience. It’s critically important that all of our personalization improves the customer’s experience with our brand.

How will you define and measure the success of your holiday campaign, and how do you see this evolving in the future?

We’ll use traditional measurement such as return on ad spend, but we’re tracking more and more metrics all the time to help us better understand our mobile impact and home in on the cross-device and cross-channel impact of our advertising. In the future, our metrics will evolve to better capture the value of engagement across multiple touch points.