Retail holiday Q&A: A conversation with eBay

eBay shares their holiday campaign strategy

Pinterest sat down with leading retail marketers to learn more about their approach to the 2017 holiday season and how they use Pinterest to advance their business.

As Global Director of Social & Content at eBay, Llibert Argerich manages content for 8 countries and multi-million dollar budgets. Argerich is responsible for leading a marketing team that drives significant, sustainable traffic to eBay’s marketplace using a mix of emerging and traditional social channels along with shareable, shoppable content.

At eBay, how did you think about the traditional marketing funnel when you were crafting your digital strategies for the holidays?

In this era of social media and digital marketing, the traditional funnel feels a little less applicable. While there are very real elements of awareness, consideration and purchasing in all our holiday campaigns, today’s digital world allows us to engage with consumers across the entire customer journey at the same time.  

This helps us map our marketing initiatives directly to our marketing objectives. We’re able to use data to find the people that are not yet engaged with eBay or are already eBay customers, and get them inspired with relevant messaging and products. Equally important to our strategy is reaching people where they are, and today that’s on mobile.  

As you develop campaigns targeted to help consumers purchase holiday gifts, how important is the relevancy of message?

This is crucial, and maybe why I find social so exciting. You know things about your audience, and you can tailor your communication strategy to make the most relevant messages.  

This holiday, we’re taking the consumer angle of ‘The perfect gift is waiting on eBay.’ We believe that when you’re thinking about someone you want to give a gift to, it’s a thoughtful process that needs to be related to their personal interests and truly delight that person. And that’s how people use Pinterest. There’s an inherent mindset around the discovery of inspiring ideas related to your personal taste, and this became an important part of our holiday campaign this year.

On Pinterest, we’ve been able to build a personalized ‘thoughtful gifting’ holiday campaign that combines innovative video ads, personalized holiday guides and millions of product Pins—allowing us to get in front of the right person with the right message and product for them.

How are you defining and measuring the success of your holiday campaign, and how do you see this evolving in the future?

We obviously have goals at the micro-level, including transactions, customer acquisition, sales. All of our our marketing tactics ladder up to these, and it’s important to understand how each touchpoint from each platform can impact the success of the overall holiday campaign. So for video, we’ll measure success as the number of people who viewed the content. For holiday guides, this becomes more about the volume and level of engagements. And for the product Pins, we’re looking for revenue and customer acquisition metrics.

Pinterest is an emerging channel for us. We’re growing with you guys, learning what works and how different kinds of consumers respond to our messaging and ultimately map back to our marketing objectives. While there’s still a lot to understand, we believe there’s a lot of growth ahead.   

What makes your Pinterest campaign different and unique from the holiday campaigns you're running with other media partners?

You guys have a recognizable audience that uses Pinterest in an identifiable way. We know why people go to Pinterest, and how they use it allows eBay to be embedded into the experience. Advertising on Pinterest isn’t intrusive. It’s native to the experience. This is different than the TV ad, that’s hit or miss. On Pinterest, we craft our message to the audience we choose to put it in front of. This makes Pinterest a crucial part of our holiday campaign this year.