Retail holiday Q&A: A conversation with Blackbird Garage

Blackbird Garage shares their holiday campaign strategy

Recently, Pinterest sat down with leading retail marketers to learn more about their approach to the 2017 holiday season and how they use Pinterest to advance their business.

Blackbird Garage is a digital growth agency that specializes in profitable customer acquisition for brands, e-commerce and CPG.

At Blackbird Garage, did you think of the traditional marketing funnel when creating your strategies this holiday?

We’re very focused on return on ad spend (ROAS) as our primary KPI. When optimizing Promoted Pin campaigns, we use all the tools Pinterest has available to take a full funnel approach. At the top of the funnel, we work on generating qualified traffic with actalike audiences and interests. In the mid-funnel we use higher intent targeting, like keyword search and retargeting. To win back and activate lapsed customers, we use CRM targeting.

By taking a full funnel approach on Pinterest we’re able to scale our clients and re-engage our existing clients cost effectively.

As people get further down the funnel and closer to purchasing holiday gifts, how important is the relevancy of your messaging?

At Blackbird Garage we make sure that we’re messaging prospects throughout the funnel with the right message, at the right time. This helps increase the relevancy of the message and ultimately increase conversions. For example, someone who has never heard of our client MVMT Watches before should get a different message than a loyal customer who has made 2 previous purchases.

This is more important in higher consideration products, like subscription services. For our client Hello Fresh we have to break the funnel down further for completely cold prospects, leads in the consideration phase and qualified leads who are very close to signing up. This process helps educate customers on the benefits of the product and makes the decision to buy easier.

In what ways does Blackbird Garage harness your clients’ customer data to be more personalized?

When we start working with a client, we like to do a deep dive into the data on their existing customers and create personas which help us identify targeting opportunities at scale.

Another strategy we use is reading client product reviews to help identify language and tone we use in ad copy. This makes our ads more relevant to prospective customers.

How are you defining and measuring the success of your holiday campaign, and do you see this evolving in the future?

Our clients have one clear goal, ROAS. When we onboard new clients to Pinterest, we’ll typically start with very clear, direct response campaigns to generate positive results early. As the brand matures, we help them transition to using Pinterest for more high quality, top-of-the-funnel traffic, which can benefit all other acquisition channels.

What makes your Pinterest campaign different from the holiday campaigns you're running with other media partners?

On Pinterest, we need to start our holiday advertising much earlier than other social platforms. Pinner behavior is unique that way. Someone might find a great holiday gift in July and save it to a board of potential holiday gifts, then ultimately convert in December. For example, our client Brooklinen has had their Promoted Pins re-pinned to boards like “Great Holiday Gift” and “Gift For Mom” months before the holidays.