Repins help you reach more people

Pinterest Pin Cycle

Businesses on Pinterest are like concierges, helping people discover and do the things they’re interested in.

And the more you help people pursue their interests, the more people you stand to reach on Pinterest. That’s because when Pinners find something that’s helpful or inspirational, they’ll repin it. Repinning not only means that the Pinner can look up that Pin later, it also means they’ve shared that Pin with their followers. 

Here’s what we mean: Making a cake sounds simple enough, but to do it, you need to find the right recipe, go to a store and get ingredients. It’s a chance for businesses like food magazines, grocery stores and CPG brands to offer recipes, baking equipment and tips to someone eager to bake that oh-so-tasty cake.

When one person discovers something they like and repins it, lots of other people can see it on their home feed. Even better: some of these people will click on the Pin, bringing motivated, valuable traffic to your website.

Likes and comments on Pins are another way to see how interested people are in your Pins. Since repinning creates a spread, we think it’s the biggest opportunity to scale your content on Pinterest.

Here are a few ways you can get more repins on your stuff:

Make or share content that’s inspirational or useful

If it makes a Pinner smile, laugh or daydream, that’s a good sign. If it offers a helpful tip or motivates a Pinner to take an action, that’s just more reason for them to save it to one of their boards.

Use large, beautiful and vertical images

Captivate your audience with a photo or illustration that makes an impact.

Write thoughtful Pin descriptions

This helps people see the value of a Pin and explain why they might want to add it to one of their boards. The description also helps you get seen in search results.

Test and learn

Keep an eye on which of your Pins get the most repins. (Pinterest web analytics can help!) Once you figure out what’s popular, add more Pins like it.

—Kevin Knight, currently saving ideas to Food