Promoted Video with autoplay: Now featuring fantastic results

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Effortlessly effective brand campaigns

If you're already running a video campaign, it's easy to bring it to Pinterest using Promoted Video. We have the same creative standards as the rest of the industry, so with a few easy adjustments you’ll be up and running.

Cheetos took this approach, repurposing their existing Cheetos Museum campaign into bite-sized clips, perfect for Promoted Video on Pinterest.

The campaign—created with the agency, Goodby Silverstein & Partners—challenged people to see art in every bag of Cheetos chips. And, using an out-of-the-bag approach to targeting, the campaign reached Pinners searching for popular topics, like fashion and food.

The audience on our platform clearly liked what they saw, leading to a significant lift in brand favorability.

Rachael Howe
Marketing Director, Cheetos
“What better way to inspire people to find art in their Cheetos than on Pinterest, a platform dedicated to finding inspiration? We married our campaign’s insight with popular Pinterest search topics to insert Cheetos shapes into moments of discovery. We were thrilled by the results, which showed an 18% lift in brand favorability and a 51% lift in purchase intent against our target demographic.”

More awareness on mobile

With 80% of Pinners using mobile devices to access our platform, it pays to use Promoted Videos, a naturally engaging format that can quickly capture the interest of this on-the-move audience.1

Visa was able to nab the attention of millennials on Pinterest using the eye-catching action of Promoted Videos, each of which clocked in at just 10 seconds a pop.

Their built-for-mobile campaign lift awareness of the many innovative ways you can use Visa to pay for something.

Kim Kadlec
SVP, Global Marketing, Visa
“People coming to Pinterest are inspired to try something new, and we wanted Visa to be central to the purchases they are inspired to make. The campaign had a direct impact on our business—we saw a 33% lift in being considered the most innovative payment option.”

Autoplay gets your audience to act

Video with autoplay is an effective way to show people something new and inspire them to give it a try. It helps you reach people who are figuring out what they can try or buy, not what their friends are up to. In fact, 98% of Pinners report trying something new after finding it on Pinterest (only 71% of people on social media platforms say the same).2

It’s already working for companies like Universal Pictures, who saw a significant lift in intent to see their movie—Girls Trip—in theatres, after running their Promoted Video campaign.3

They got great results at an efficient cost per view by targeting women on Pinterest who were already planning activities, like bachelorette parties and girls weekends. These Pinners discovered previews autoplaying as they browsed their Pinterest home feeds.

Ready to get in on the action?

Now, all businesses can access Promoted Video with autoplay through Pinterest Ads Manager, Pinterest Marketing Partners, or a Pinterest account manager. Thanks to all of our measurement partnerships, you can easily see how much this format will do for you.

If you haven’t tried Promoted Video yet, it’s time for lights, cameras, action!

—Jenny Chiu, currently saving ideas to Halloween beauty videos.



1Pinterest internal data, last updated March 2017

2Nielsen study commissioned by Pinterest, "Platform & Content Impact on Ad Effectiveness,” in-lab study with 832 people ages 18-54, May 2017

3Kantar Millward Brown; Brand Lift Insights study, July 2017

Note: Results featured in quotes come from Kantar Millward Brown; Brand Lift Insights study, July 2017