Promoted Video gets even better on Pinterest

Promoted Video gets even better on Pinterest

Oh hey, autoplay!

With our new autoplay format, your Promoted Video sparks into action the moment a Pinner scrolls across it in their feed—no need to hit Play. They can just sit back and watch your video unfold. And unlike on other platforms, where ads interrupt people as they're trying to enjoy posts from friends, on Pinterest people are actually looking for videos that inspire them to give ideas a try.

The more people watch, the less you pay. Since Promoted Video is bought on a per-impression basis, thanks to autoplay every impression is significantly more likely to lead to a video view. As the number of people enjoying your video goes up, your cost per view goes down.

More places to see your videos

Now people will be able to find your Promoted Videos whether they’re searching for something special or just here to browse.

Along with showing up in people’s home feeds, your videos will autoplay in people’s search results. So when someone knows exactly what they’re looking for on Pinterest, your video can be right there to show it to them. Your videos will also show up when they tap open a Pin and scroll down to the “More like this” selection of related Pins.

You can even retarget everyone who saw your video with a follow-up campaign to really hit your message home.

Dan Radman
Sr. Media Director, US Marketing, Visa Inc.
“Visa has seen great success in reaching an engaged millennial audience who is ready to take action on Pinterest. We're excited to now show our videos as people are searching and browsing for new ideas, including products and experiences they want to purchase.”

New ways to measure your successes

Along with all our current offerings, which let you do everything from measuring the brand impact of your ads to tracking offline sales, now you can also:

See how much people saw—thanks to our partnership with Moat, you’ll soon be able to find out how long people played your video, and how much of it was on screen (like “10 seconds, 100% in view”).

See who saw it—using Nielsen Digital Ad Ratings, you can look back on any mobile campaign and find out who it reached, right down to their age and gender.

Give it a try!

Brands like L'Oréal Paris, Visa, Universal Pictures, P&G, Toyota, Tesco, Pillsbury, JCPenney, and adidas are already giving these new improvements a try. And advertisers big and small, in any country with access to Promoted Pins, are invited to join them.

Look for all these new options in your Ads Manager later this summer. Or if you’ve been working with a Pinterest sales rep or Pinterest Marketing Partner, you can reach out now to start planning your next video campaign.

—Jenny Chiu, currently saving ideas to Home decor video ideas

Shenan Reed
President, Digital, MEC North America
“Sight, sound and motion are the tools of the trade to engage a potential consumer and share a story. Pinterest launching Promoted Video with autoplay allows marketers to entice consumers into the story and encourages users to lean in and experience the brands. As video becomes such an important part of marketers' storytelling tool box, we’re excited about having new measurable formats to share with potential consumers”