Promoted Pins: now available in the UK

Over the past year, Promoted Pins have helped millions of people in the US discover useful, relevant ideas to try every day. Today, we’re excited to announce we’re expanding Promoted Pins internationally—starting with UK-based businesses.  

The UK is a major market for Pinterest and is home to some of our most avid Pinners. In fact:

  • Pinners in the UK grew 50% over the past year
  • More than 2.2 billion ideas have been saved by UK Pinners since we launched Pinterest here 3 years ago
  • Every day, Pinners in the UK save 3 million Pins
  • The most popular categories include: fashion, food & drink, home decor, DIY and travel

We’re launching with partners who’ve seen a lot of engagement from their content on Pinterest already, including John LewisB&QBloom & WildNestlé - Nescafe AzeraTesco and MADE.COM.

“We're all about innovation here at MADE.COM, so we're jumping at the chance to be one of the first brands outside of the US to try Promoted Pins,” said Hannah Pipel, social project manager at “Pinterest is a natural partner for us, given the focus on sharing the best interior trends. The business is thrilled with the organic success on Pinterest over the past year and we're looking forward to even more success with Promoted Pins.”

Why Pinterest Ads are different

More than 75% of all of the Pins saved to Pinterest come from businesses, which is why Promoted Pins don’t interrupt or distract Pinners. Ideas from businesses actually help people get closer to finding the products and services that are right for them.

Promoted Pins make it easier for brands to reach people who are in that “consideration mindset”—open to inspiration from credible sources. No other platform has an audience this receptive. In return, Promoted Pins are proven to help businesses achieve their marketing goals from building brand equity to driving online sales.

We look forward to seeing the Promoted Pins that UK-based businesses create to help and inspire millions of Pinners.  In the second half of 2016, we plan to open Promoted Pins up to more English-speaking markets.

Businesses interested in Promoted Pins can find more details at

—Adele Cooper, currently saving ideas to​ London Life