Promoted Pins come to Ireland, Australia and New Zealand

tesco promoted pins UK IE Aus NZ

People love using Pinterest to get inspiration and plan for their everyday lives, big life events, and the many moments that come in between. In fact, more than 150 million people worldwide use Pinterest each month to discover and do the things they love. There’s over 100 billion ideas for all interests on Pinterest, including food, style, beauty, home and more.

Promoted Pins help people find the products and services they can use—now or in the future—to turn inspiration into reality. Thousands of businesses use Promoted Pins to reach Pinterest’s uniquely engaged and action-oriented audience when they’re most likely to be looking for new brands and ideas.

Today, we’re announcing our continued international expansion of Promoted Pins into three new countries: Ireland, Australia, and New Zealand! People all around the globe love Pinterest, and these countries are no exception. Here’s some of what we know:

In Ireland:

  • Monthly active users grew by more than 25% last year
  • 200K ideas are saved each day in Ireland
  • Top categories include: fashion, hair and beauty, DIY projects, home decor and food

In Australia:

  • Monthly active users grew by more than 20% last year
  • 2 million ideas are saved each day in Australia
  • Top categories include: DIY projects, food and drink, fashion, art and home decor

In New Zealand:

  • Monthly active users grew by more than 25% last year
  • 400K ideas are saved each day in New Zealand
  • Top categories include: DIY projects, home decor, food and drink, fashion and art

Our launch partners—including Aer LingusTesco IrelandJo Malone LondonAvocaSuperdryColourtrendDaintreeThe Ark  and Lost my.Name—have already seen lots of new engagement from their content on Pinterest.

"Pinterest offers Aer Lingus the perfect place to curate inspirational travel content. By showcasing our visual content on Pinterest, we hope to help fuel memorable travel experiences for Irish customers. So far, we have seen solid engagement and increased social referrals to our website while using Pinterest organically. We plan on using this data to create new content targeted towards what our audience wants to see.

We are delighted to be at the forefront of this advertising platform in Ireland and look forward to connecting with our customers in an innovative and exciting way."

- Dara McMahon, Marketing Director at Aer Lingus

Promoted Pins work for businesses and people alike by making it easier for brands to reach people who are looking for inspiration from credible sources. Ads on Pinterest don’t get in the way of what people came to do, they actually help them get it done!

“Avoca are delighted to be amongst the first Irish businesses to advertise on Pinterest in Ireland. As big fans of Pinterest, we have used it organically for a number of years now, and it has always performed really well with many consumers re-pinning our ideas and many more clicking through to our website to find out more. Pinterest is an ideal fit for us as it is a great resource for anyone who loves food, fashion and generally inspiring things, so it’s almost like they custom built this platform for us. We’re really excited to be working with the Pinterest team and we look forward to a thriving partnership for some time to come.” - Avoca

Your business will find an exceptionally receptive audience on Pinterest. Promoted Pins have already helped many businesses reach their goals, from building brand equity to driving online sales; find out how they can help your business too, at

—Adele Cooper, currently saving ideas to ​Looks I Like