Project Holiday #3: Show off the season's best with analytics

most repinned pins list

The holidays are an especially active time for people on Pinterest as they look for party-planning inspiration and gift ideas. As a business, you might already be taking advantage of this by creating holiday boards and adding Product Pins, but make sure to check in on how they’re doing by going to

Your Pinterest profile on Pinterest Analytics shows your top Pins:

  • Pins with high impressions (the number of times a Pin showed up in the Home Feed, search results and category feeds) means that people are actively looking for that content.
  • Pins with high repins (the number of times someone saved your Pin to a board) means that people find that content interesting enough to save and share.
  • Pins with high clicks (the number of clicks to your site from Pins on your profile) means that people want to learn more about, take action on or purchase that content.

Once you have a sense of what your most popular Pins are, try these 3 things to keep the momentum going:

Feature the items on your website

Artifact Uprising used Pinterest Analytics to find their top Pins, then created a Most Pinned section on their site. By showcasing top Pins, you’ll give visitors a clear idea of this season’s can't-miss items. You’ll also help to drive more traffic to Pinterest, which leads to even more followers and repins.

Highlight top Pins in an email

If your Pins are popular on Pinterest, chances are they’ll be attention-grabbers in your emails, too. Sony sent out a dedicated, visual email about Pinterest to make people aware of their Pins. It led to an open rate that was 67% higher than their set goal and a click-through rate that was 16% above their goal.

Offer a promotion

Finally, if your Pin is something that people can buy, you may want to give some sort of discount. This can take excitement over the top (like a mug of hot cocoa with extra whipped cream!)  Since Pins last forever on Pinterest, offer promotions after people click through to your site, rather than on the Pin’s description or image. For added sophistication, you can even use Rich Pins, which include real time pricing, availability and price drop notifications.

—Kathleen Chen, currently saving ideas to Sew Cool