Project Holiday #2: Reach people looking to buy that special something

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Pinterest is made up of people who like to do things in real life—and that includes shopping.

Nearly 2 million people save Product Pins to one of their boards every single day. And they don’t just dream about the things they want—they go out and get them. 93% of Pinners shopped online in the last 6 months, according to Nielsen data. Comscore also found that women on Pinterest are 30% more likely to shop or buy online than the average woman.

Many businesses on Pinterest already understand that people who Pin things for later are looking to buy, make and learn more. found that Pinners spend 50% more on average than other social channels. They’ll also spend 20% more than people referred from non-social channels, including search.

So, how do you convert people looking at your Pins? A few things to keep in mind:

Link your Pins somewhere useful.

If a Pinner wants to buy something immediately, they don’t always Pin the item to their boards—they just click through to make the purchase. Don’t disappoint them with a broken link or an unrelated page they can’t take action on. Link Pins of products to purchase pages or at least a place where they can get more information.

Make sure your mobile experience works.

75% of Pinterest usage takes place on mobile devices, so the way your mobile website works can make the difference between someone making a purchase or giving up. Click on your Pins from different devices to get a sense for how Pinners experience your stuff.

Add Product Pins so your Pins stand out.

Product Pins add extra details like price and availability automatically on your Pins. If you change the price of something, that info will update on your Pin, too. The extra branding gives your stuff credibility, and you’ll show up in the Pinterest Gifts category, too.

Another bonus: Pins with these extra product metatags, called Rich Pins, appear higher in search results! Don’t sell products? You can add extra info to your articles, places, movies and recipes, too. Get Rich Pins.

—Sadia Latifi, currently saving ideas to Wanderlust: Europe