Great content is at the heart of the Pinterest experience. We want every Pinner to find the right ideas for them, no matter what they need or what they’re interested in. Since every Pin represents a discoverable idea, Pin quality is one of our biggest priorities. We’re committed to top-notch content, whether it comes from Pinners or from the businesses that use Pinterest to reach their audience.

We know marketers have a lot to manage. To make sure it’s always easy to advertise on Pinterest, we’re developing a creative ecosystem that helps marketers of all sizes create inspiring, actionable Pins–no matter their budget or production resources. Our goal is to help brands get what they need to produce content that’s optimized for Pinterest’s visual format and Pinners’ unique behavior.

Today we’re excited to unveil the Pin Collective, the latest addition to our creative ecosystem. The Pin Collective connects businesses with...

Many trendsetting men and women have already begun curating stylish Pins to keep them looking good on autumn walks, at holiday parties and on through the New Year. Fashion and beauty are consistently among our most popular categories, with Pinners planning to spend 150% more on these goods than non-Pinterest users. And here’s an interesting fact: 67% of people on Pinterest prefer following their favorite designer brand over a style icon. Your business has some handsome opportunities to reach these Pinners any time of year. And this holiday season, people on Pinterest are likely to spend 60% more than non-Pinners do on their holiday shopping. We’ve picked out some of the best-looking trends below, so you’ll know just how to fashion your seasonal campaigns.

Casual + cool ideas to catch his eye:

We’re so excited to announce that as of today, over 150 million people around the world now use Pinterest every month. We also have over 75 billion ideas here for them to discover—with an amazing 75% of those ideas coming from businesses just like yours.

We’re growing fast

Growing the number of people on Pinterest by 50% over the last year is pretty impressive especially when you consider that Pinterest is more a personal tool than a social one. People don’t invite all their friends to join, and they don’t log in to see what their friends are doing (there are lots of other great places out there for that!). Instead, they come to Pinterest to discover and do the things they love, and learn a little bit more about themselves in the process.

With so many people around the world saving and searching for ideas on Pinterest, we now know...

Targeting on Pinterest creates a unique opportunity for your business to reach new and existing customers because Pinners aren’t simply here browsing for ideas, they’re looking to act on them, too. People come to Pinterest ready to plan, buy, and then do something with the inspiring ideas they’re finding—87% of them have made a purchase after finding a product they liked! With these latest updates, we’re making it easier for you to get your ideas in front of the right audience at just the right time.

Create campaigns based on interactions with your Pins

Retargeting on Pinterest helps grow your business, and now you’ve got more ways to do it. Using Ads Manager, you can create an audience and retarget five specific actions: clicks, comments, saves, likes and closeups. You can also create an audience built on people’s interest in a specific Pin that links to your website.


Older millennials are a hot audience for big ticket brands. As they hit their late 20s and early 30s, millennials’ bank accounts are soaring to new heights. 32% of Pinners aged 25-34 already have household incomes of $100K or more, according to recent comScore research. And as their salaries trend up, they’re showing more interest in upscale categories. Since today’s luxury dabblers are tomorrow’s devotees, now’s the time for aspirational brands to win millennials’ loyalty.

Millennials don’t just want what everyone else has: they seek brands that reflect who they are and what they believe in. Whether they’re shopping for a new handbag or planning an exotic getaway, it’s got to be the right choice for them. So when they start thinking about big purchases, they make sure to do their research.

Because millennials are still learning the ropes on high-end categories, they’re particularly receptive to brands that help them...