Pinterest teams up with Ad Council on public service campaigns

laptop screen with pinterest board

The Ad Council, the national non-profit organization behind public service communications like Smokey Bear and Emmy award-winning Love Has No Labels, is partnering with Pinterest to launch several public service campaigns throughout the year. First up is helping to promote the Ad Council’s and the Natural Resources Defense Council’s ongoing Save the Food campaign to curb food waste.

Up to 40% of food is wasted every year in the United States, at a cost of $218 billion for water, energy, fertilizers, cropland and production. It’s a problem that costs the average family of four $1,500 per year. If we look at the individual level, the average American throws away 24 pounds of food every month.

Ideas for Pinterest’s Save the Food campaign arose from a brainstorming session with marketers and creatives at last year’s Pinstitute, a Pinterest-hosted event for inspiration and learning. The campaign launched this month using advertising tools like Promoted Pins and Cinematic Pins to help spread awareness and share simple lifestyle changes like how to use leftovers, make shopping lists and extend produce’s freshness.

Pinterest inspires people every day to rethink food—and now they’re rethinking food waste, thanks to this incredible new partnership, says Lisa Sherman, President and CEO of the Ad Council. We’re thrilled to kick off the first of many collaborations with Pinterest to show users just how uniquely aspirational social good can be.

From smarter storage hacks to use-it-or-lose-it recipes, reducing food waste can be surprisingly fun, says Dana Gunders, senior scientist at the Natural Resources Defense Council. Not only is wasting food expensive, but the environmental impacts are staggering—from massive amounts of water and farmland, to unnecessary climate pollution. The more people get creative and share their pro-tips, the more food we can keep on our plates and out of the trash.

Lisa Sherman, President and CEO, the Ad Council
“We’re thrilled to kick off the first of many collaborations with Pinterest to show users just how uniquely aspirational social good can be.”

On Pinterest, people are inspired to act on the ideas they find. Some 84% of people say Pinterest helps them learn new things, like tips on food storage and waste reduction. That makes Pinterest a perfect fit for this campaign.

Pinterest is one of the largest food sites in the US, with 36 million people saving more than 2.7 billion food-related Pins last year. We’re excited to work with the Ad Council and use our reach and unique consumer insights to drive awareness and engagement for this campaign, says Pinterest Head of Global Partnerships Jon Kaplan, who joined the Ad Council’s board last year.

We’ll continue to develop pro bono campaigns with the Ad Council, its agency and content partners throughout 2017. The partnership’s future initiatives will test unique Pinterest ad products like Promoted Video and different targeting strategies.