Pinterest search just got smarter

improved search side-to-side
Streamlined search suggestions

Before, search results for Pins, Pinners and boards were separated, hidden behind different filters. Now, as someone starts typing we’ll automatically show Pins, Pinners and boards we think they might be looking for, which helps Pinners get to your content with one simple tap. 


Since we’ve started, we’re already seeing that over twice as many people are successfully finding Pinners and boards to follow

Spellcheck? Check!

Hate misspellings? We do too—12% of Pinterest searches have a spelling error. But now, even if somebody thumbs something that doesn’t sound quite right, we’ll show results for what we think they’re looking for. That way they see better results, and if they don’t have to redo the search, it reduces the number of steps it takes for them to find you. 

Finding the real deal

As Pinners search, we’ll also be showing a new checkmark for notable names and brands so people can easily find exactly who they’re looking for. Learn more about verified accounts.


—Caroline Belo, currently saving ideas to​ Big Sur Adventure