Pinterest reveals new travel personas and top travel trends

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Pinterest makes it personal

People come to Pinterest to map out their entire trip—from picking out their dream destination to what sandals to pack. Whether it’s a one-day work trip or an extended vacation, Pinterest is a place where travelers come for useful and personalized ideas. In fact, 69% of Travel Pinners use Pinterest to discover travel services when deciding what to book.3

It’s never too soon to craft your campaign

According to comScore, almost half of US travel Pinners turn to Pinterest to begin planning their next trip.1 These globetrotters are typically booking within two months of the start of their research.1 Whether you’re a hotel brand giving branded-tours of the Alps or a Destination Marketing Organization providing pre-populated itinerary for a activity-filled weekend in Paris in a Pin, your content can play an important role in a person’s journey. With 76% of travelers searching on Pinterest making a purchase after seeing travel content from brands on Pinterest,3 it’s an amazing opportunity for your business to show them content they’ll love. Below you’ll find the five kinds of travelers searching on Pinterest and examples of how to message to them.

Pinterest Traveler Personas

Our Insights team has developed personas to help you better understand their attitudes and behaviors. Don’t forget, you can also advertise across interests, like including The Eating Explorer in both food and travel spaces. Keep these personas in mind as you build your creative as well. You can attract the Adventure persona by including imagery of mountains or the Relaxation traveler with serene scenes of spas and beaches.

travel persona infographic

  • Here are some top keywords to help target each persona:4

    • The Group Vacationer: Road trip ideas for kids, Girls trip ideas, New Orleans bachelorette party

    • The Culture Chaser: Lake district England, Things to do in New York, Things to do in Chicago, Tourism

    • The Spa Sojourner: Weekend getaway ideas, Sonoma wineries, Yoga retreat, Beach resort outfits

    • The Adventure Lover: Adventure travel, Wanderlust, Iceland travel, Explore

    • The Eating Explorer: Foodie, New Orleans food, Street food, Chicago travel

Use the Pinterest 100 to curate your campaigns

Hot off the presses, the Pinterest 1005 is filled with travel trends to give you the insights you need to connect with people planning their trips.

1. Bus travel (+32% YoY)

Attract people planning a weekend getaway with Rich Pins for hotels or vacation rentals along bus routes. Make sure to include stops and timetables.

Interests to target: Road trip, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas

2. Hot springs (+32% YoY)

Nothing captures the allure of a hot spring quite like a video. Make a splash using Promoted Video and watch how the steam coming off the water captures the joy of planning a trip to a serene hot spring.

Interests to target: Pool and spa, Travel tour, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas


3. Abandoned castles (+142% YoY)

Share the mystical beauty of visiting an abandoned castle by using multiple images in a Promoted Carousel. Showcase the unique mystique of different castles from just one region, or castles from all over the world, to bring to the royal experience to life.

Interests to target: Europe, Travel tour, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas


4. Less-traveled islands (+179% YoY)

Nothing says exotic like the mystique of a less-traveled island. Generate interest and excitement by including eye-catching images of beautiful beaches, local culture and secluded serenity that lives a world away.

Interests to target: Adventure travel, Travel tour, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas


5. Bike tours (+64% YoY)

In the business of hotels, hostels or home rentals? Provide trail routes and maps for those looking to cover more ground on two wheels.

Interests to target: Cycling tour, Outdoor travel, Travel tips, Travel ideas

6. Surprise destinations (+192% YoY)

Keeping the final destination on the lowdown is on the rise. Hotels, home rentals and airlines are tapping into the power of Pinterest to offer surprise trips to the most bustling locales or to promote more quaint and quiet destinations.

Interests to target: Flight, Hotel, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas


7. Small-town travel (+276% YoY)

Help people get away from it all by showing them the charm and romance of small town getaways in your imagery and language.

Interests to target: Hotel, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas

8. Zero-waste travel (+74% YoY)

Want to help travelers minimize their carbon footprint? Provide a zero-waste packing list for their next eco trip.

Interests to target: Travel Hacks, Hotel, Travel Destinations, Travel Tips, Travel Ideas


9. Autumn scenery (+94% YoY)

If you’re a destination marketer, online travel agency or hotel business, try highlighting the most coveted spots for people to take in all of nature’s splendor in your images and videos.

Interests to target: Travel tour, Travel photography, Travel destinations, Travel tips, Travel ideas


10. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil (+142% YoY)

In the airline or hotel business? Rio is full of beautiful scenery to feature in your campaigns. From the famous Copacabana beach and Christ the Redeemer to the favelas and festivals, you can help people plan their holiday by showcasing the best deals, attractions and times to visit.

Interests to target: Brazil, Travel tour, Travel hacks, Flight, Hotel, Restaurant

Here’s how other brands are seeing lift off

Carnival used a keyword campaign to reach a new cruise audience and lowered their cost-per-click by 71%.

The Four Seasons used Pinterest to transform their guest experience and get a 1000% increase in daily average visitors from Pinterest.


–Nicolette Harper, currently saving to Places to Visit

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