Pinterest: A place to discover new products

New products

People use Pinterest to find and save ideas for everything from what to cook for dinner tonight to what to get dad for Father’s Day. (Don’t forget—that’s coming up soon!)  

While exploring millions of eye-catching Pins, Pinners often stumble across a new product, idea or brand. A recent internal study found that 70% of Pinners have discovered something new on Pinterest.

We already know that people use Pinterest to plan purchases, so it’s not surprising that 40% of Pinners said “Pinterest is a great way to create a list of things I want to buy.” Our study also showed the following:

  • 40% of people on Pinterest have discovered a new product and saved it on Pinterest
  • 30% of Pinners have discovered and purchased a fashion or home decor/improvement product after seeing it on Pinterest
  • Nearly 25% have discovered and bought a product related to health, fitness or entertainment

A place to promote new products. Don’t underestimate the value of marketing on Pinterest—nearly 40% of Pinners believe Pinterest is a better place to learn about new products than TV ads, magazines or search engines. Our study found scores were highest for businesses related to hair and beauty, food and drinks, and decor.

A place of brand and product discovery. 42% of Pinners who have saved ideas around food, beauty or household items said “Pinterest is a place to discover brands I didn’t even know about.” What’s more, nearly half use Pinterest to discover new products across an entire product category.

A place to have a lasting conversation. If you’re planning a new product launch, incorporate Pinterest into your promotion plan. Almost 40% of Pinners feel that Pinterest is a great place to learn about new products from the brands they already know and love.

Here’s how you can help Pinners discover your products:

  • Make your Pins stand out by following creative best practices such as creating Pins with vertical images that have text overlays and detailed descriptions
  • Invest in Promoted Pins to increase your brand reach and awareness and help your products get discovered by the right audience
  • Add the Pin It button to your website so people can easily save their favorite ideas and products to Pinterest

—Edwin Wong, currently saving ideas to​ Modern Buildings