More Pinterest Partners than ever are ready to help you scale up your success

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Pinterest Partners help make it easier to create Pins of every item in your catalog, measure how well you’re doing, or help people buy products. They can build creative that demands attention. They can automate posts. Each partner also brings experience, skills and a proven track record. (We know because we’ve vetted each one.) 

We’re excited to share that the Pinterest Program has grown since it began as well as increased the range of services available. From shopping to content marketing and creative services, the program offers a range of partners offering diverse marketing solutions aimed at helping you maximize your ads’ performance on Pinterest. 

They’re ready to help you scale and grow your business so you can focus on what your brand does best. We’ve listed our most current partners below, organized by the type of work they do. You can also browse our full directory of our partners.

Advertising partners

Looking for specialists in running ads on Pinterest?  Our Advertising partners offer end to end services starting with building your marketing strategy, launching campaigns, to ensuring your Pinterest ads are a success.  Work with these partners through fully managed or self-service offerings and scale your success on Pinterest.

Shopping: ecommerce partners

On a weekly basis, people on Pinterest use the platform for inspiration in their path to purchase (89%)2 so it’s key to make sure your products are discoverable for Pinners so they can find, and buy! These partners can help do just that. Our integration with partners enables you to implement the Pinterest Tag on your site. Ecommerce partners include:

Shopping: product catalog partners

Product catalog partners can help advertisers manage product feeds with multiple product SKUs. They can make customizations, and translate your existing product feeds to match Pinterest’s specs, so you can quickly create shoppable product Pins. Partners include:

Shopping: shoppable experience partners

These partners specialize in digital add-to-cart technology, so they’re a great fit for consumer packaged goods (CPG) brands. They can encourage purchases on Pinterest by giving people the option to buy your products and sending them directly to retailer carts for checkout. They can also build your Pinterest Tag into the experience, providing you with more information and more optimizing options. Meet our shoppable experience partners:

Content partners

Content partners help you manage your media across various marketing channels. Instead of posting to Pinterest multiple times a day, you can work with these partners to develop Pins, schedule Pins and monitor how many people they reach and engagements they drive. Our content partners are:

Creative partners

Creative partners know our best practices like the backs of their hands. Developing the best creative assets is one of the most important elements to ad performance success. These partners create beautiful, engaging Pins that not only look great, but stand out in feeds and help you knock your goals out of the park.

Creative tools partners

Want to design beautiful Pins yourself? Creative tools partners are one-stop creation platforms that allow you to create beautifully branded Pinterest content. Leverage these partner’s online editing and graphic design tools to edit pre-existing templates or build from scratch and push directly to your Pinterest business account. Here are some of our partners.

Inspired to scale up your campaigns?

Read more about the Partner Program, or browse our Partner Directory to find a collaborator that can help you take your Pinterest game to the next level.

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