Pinterest: Millennials’ guide to life

3 millennial women

Millennials were raised in a socially-networked, digital media-filled world. They’re accustomed to instant access to information and frequently use Pinterest to find what they’re looking for. In fact, 79% of millennials said that “Pinterest is a guide to life and a place to teach me how to do things.”

Millennial Pinterest users are interested in everything from beauty tutorials and life hacks to unique recipes and fashion finds. For this tech-savvy group, we’ve seen Pinterest complement and even replace traditional media such as websites, magazines and television as a trusted source of information.

Based on our survey results, take a look at how millennials use Pinterest compared to major media sources when searching for food, fashion or beauty content:

From Pin to purchase

Millennials aren’t just searching for information and saving Pins—they use Pinterest to inform buying decisions. 83% of millennial Pinners have made an in-store purchase after being influenced by Pinterest versus 72% of general Pinners. Additionally, online purchases were made by 67% of millennial Pinners influenced by Pinterest versus 52% of general Pinners.

The bottom line: To reach a millennial audience, include Pinterest in your marketing mix.

—Edwin Wong, currently saving ideas to Robotech