Pinterest drives 3.8x greater sales than the average digital campaign

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3.8x greater sales than average digital campaign

Oracle Data Cloud evaluated Pinterest’s impact on in-store sales for 20 CPG food brands, comparing campaigns from January 2016 through the end of March 2017. Pinterest performed better than other platforms for CPG food brands. Plus, Pinterest delivered 3.8x higher RPM compared to the norm for CPG food companies.1 That means that for every ad exposure, Pinterest drives 3.8x more incremental sales than the Oracle norms.  

5x higher performance than last year

What’s more, our performance is improving over time. The study showed a 5x increase in sales lift compared to Pinterest’s results in a similar study from just one year ago.2

“A June 2017 review of campaign results showed Pinterest is an effective platform for CPG brands looking to generate in-store sales,” says Brenda Tuohig, VP General Manager of CPG at Oracle Data Cloud. “Over the preceding year, Pinterest’s performance had increased in absolute terms as well as in comparison to our in-store sales studies norm.”

Our strong performance in CPG food makes sense. Food is the largest category on Pinterest, and constantly growing. In our recent food report, we found that the number of Pinners engaging with food-related content grew by 24% from 2015 to 2016.


Pinterest delivers for all kinds of CPG

Oracle Data Cloud’s study also found that Pinterest more effectively drives incremental growth, across all CPG categories. Across all CPG advertisers (not just food), 80% of ad impressions were delivered to new or lapsed buyers.4 Promoted Pins drove nearly twice the amount of incremental in-store sales compared to the Oracle norms for these buyers.

“The planning mindset Pinterest users are in makes for a unique audience, well-primed to discover new CPG products and ultimately purchase them in store,” said Dave Fall, CEO of Brand Networks, a Pinterest Marketing Partner. “We've seen the value first-hand with Pinterest advertisers who use the Brand Networks Platform.”

Tips for effective CPG campaigns on Pinterest

We asked Oracle Data Cloud to provide tips based on what they learned in their analysis. Based on all the CPG campaigns they looked at, here’s what they recommend:

  1. Experiment with different ad formats. Try a variety of ad formats like video and static Pins to determine what work best for your business. The proof is in the pudding.
  2. Develop engaging creative. The research found that highly-engaging creative drives a 7x observed difference in sales. What makes creative engaging? For starters, be prominent in your own Pins, putting your products and branding front and center. Also, test different branding images, text overlays and the language you use to promote your products. Learn more about how to make great Pins.
  3. Target the right audience. Match your targeting approach to your goals. For example, a customer acquisition campaign, where the goal is to reach a lot of people, might use “upper-funnel” strategies like interest and keyword targeting. A customer retention campaign, on the other hand, would more likely employ “lower-funnel” strategies like targeting your own customer list or existing brand buyer purchase-based testing.
  4. Identify the right metrics to measure. Your success metrics should line up with campaign objectives. For example, a retention campaign might track sales lift, and aim to maximize the return on investment. An acquisition campaign would most likely measure household penetration lift, as well as sales and other key data points about new customers.

– Casey Lin, currently saving to Dine and Wine


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